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Review: The Vampire’s Plaything (A The Edge short) by Ashlynn Monroe

Review: The Vampire’s Plaything (A The Edge short) by Ashlynn Monroe

by KariAugust 1, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Zoe Brownstone is overwhelmed with emotion and memories when she finds herself kidnapped for Hayden Beck, the master vampire. But the emotions aren’t as terrifying as you might think, and the memories are from a life that can’t be hers. Zoe is chained up and brought face-to-face with Hayden when she realizes that this is the man that has stalked her dreams for years… and then she meets Liam, who has stalked her nightmares. The Vampire’s Plaything is worth a look!

  • Title: The Vampire’s Plaything
  • Series: The Edge short stories
  • Author: Ashlynn Monroe
  • Prominent Characters: Zoe, Hayden, and Liam
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Sexual Content Level: Explicit

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Steamy, sexy, and to the point, The Vampire’s Plaything is sure to keep you turning the pages and begging for more. Ashlynn Monroe does a fantastic job of developing characters with emotion, depth, and chemistry, which is not an easy task in so few pages. I actually found myself wishing there was more to read of this story, and wanting to learn more about the characters and the world they live in. Hayden and Liam are both so mysterious and sexy.

Memorable Quotes:

So much for introductions!

”Someday I may tell you, but today I want to give you what you need. I am Hayden. You need my cock, Zoe.”

Final Thoughts:

The Vampire’s Plaything is hot, sexy, and worth a look!

Rating: The Vampire’s Plaything



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