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Review: The Valkyrie’s Guardian by Moriah Densley

Review: The Valkyrie’s Guardian by Moriah Densley

by Rachel ElizabethNovember 12, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Cassie has spent her whole life feeling inferior to the rest of her kind. She’s related to one of the most powerful extra-sentients of all time, but all she can do is heal people. Yet she still has a bodyguard; Jack, the immortal beserker who has protected Cassie since she was a little girl. When old enemies return, Jack knows he will do anything to protect Cassie from harm. What he doesn’t know is how much longer he’ll be able to keep his hands off the feisty woman who wreaks havoc on his self-control…The Valkyrie’s Guardian is a GraveTells Recommended Read!

  • Title: The Valkyrie’s Guardian
  • Series: n/a
  • Author: Moriah Densley
  • Prominent Characters: Cassie, Jack
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

***This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence!***


As an extra-sentient, Cassiopeia Noyon has never felt particularly special. Compared to the powers of her fellow extra-sentients, her power- the ability to heal- isn’t all that amazing. She’s not even sure if she’s immortal, like her family is. Still, Cassie is only one of two known female extra-sentients, and therefore she must be protected. Her bodyguard, Jack MacGunn, is always getting on her nerves. Nevertheless, Jack is the only person Cassie knows she can always count on.

Jack has been Cassie’s bodyguard since she was six. He’s dedicated his life to keeping her safe, but it seems like he and Cassie can’t go a day without fighting. Despite that, he can’t stop himself from wanting her. He knows Cassie is too good for him, though. She’s strong, smart, gorgeous, and compassionate, while he’s a beserker, an immortal creature that’s prone to violent rages. Cassie also happens to be his boss’s granddaughter- meaning, she’s way off-limits. But every day, it’s getting harder and harder for Jack to resist Cassie…and what’s more, it seems like Cassie doesn’t want Jack to keep his hands to himself. On top of that, an enemy that everyone thought was dead reappears, and soon Cassie and Jack find themselves racing to save extra-sentient children.

I loved the relationship between Jack and Cassie. I love stories where a bodyguard and the person they’re protecting fall in love, so I had high hopes for The Valkyrie’s Guardian and fortunately, I really enjoyed the book. Their bickering cracked me up. I thought it added a fun dynamic to their relationship. And the sexual tension between them was hot. The two of them had great chemistry. Oh, and the fact that Jack is a Scottish, immortal warrior only made him sexier. Being a Navy SEAL detachment agent gave him some brownie points, too.

I thought the extra-sentients were pretty cool. They’re kind of like the X-Men. The supporting cast of characters were all interesting, especially Jack’s Navy SEAL friends. Those guys were funny and charming, and their interactions with Cassie were priceless. I really liked getting to see Cassie grow as a character and become more confident in her abilities. It would suck to be surrounded by people with superhero-like powers that made you feel lame in comparison, but Cassie really evolves into a self-assured woman.

The Valkyrie’s Guardian is a hot, light read with an engaging storyline and charismatic characters. This is the first book I’ve read by Moriah Densley, and I’m impressed by her writing skills. Oh, and the bad pick-up lines at the beginning of each chapter were hilarious! I’m so glad Moriah included those.

Memorable Quotes:


It only took a few seconds until she understood that Jack had always exercised heculean restraint with her before, because let out of his cage, he was wild, rough, and…pleasantly lascivious, she decided. He kissed the same way he fought, full throttle, without mercy.

Well said! *claps*

Some couples simply had it– the intangible emotion that made her eyes sting and her throat tighten. So few understood that real love goes beyond attraction, sex, companionship, even friendship- but how do you explain what you feel when you would gladly give your life for someone you love? If anything in the world mattered, that was it.

I love a bad pick-up line…

Cassie found herself the subject of a bad pick-up line contest when Jack attempted to introduce her to his boat crew. It began with a blond SEAL introducing himself. “Hi, I’m Subway.”
“You’re from New York?” she guessed, then her cheeks flushed with heat as others roared with laughter. Footlong was the buzzword, and she was the last to get it.
“Yeah, and I’m MacGyver. Wait ’til you see what I can do with duct tape and a shoelace,” Buck said with a wink.
Jack, your entire existence has just become clear to me. Really, this explains a lot.

If you liked the Valkyrie’s Guardian…

You should check out A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #1) by Kresley Cole. The book is also a PNR that features a valkyrie heroine and a hot scottish hero. The world-building is pretty good, too.

Final Thoughts:

The Valkyrie’s Guardian is full of action, mystery, and romance. If you’re looking for a paranormal romance book that can make you laugh, give this book a try! It’s a GraveTells Recommended Read!

Rating: The Valkyrie’s Guardian


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