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Review: Shifter in Ascent (Louisiana Shifters #1) by Vivian Wood

Review: Shifter in Ascent (Louisiana Shifters #1) by Vivian Wood

by Rachel ElizabethAugust 14, 2012

TLDR Recap:

When Tessa Anderson is kidnapped by a group of people who call themselves the Legion, she has no clue she’s about to be thrust into the world of Shifters. The Legion insists that werewolves exist, and they want Tessa to spy on a local pack for them. They’re willing to do anything, even threaten the people Tessa cares about, to ensure her cooperation. However, Tessa never expected the passion she finds with Shifter Jace Copeland, and as she spends more time with him, she’s left feeling torn over the decision she must make. How can she betray the man who’s come to mean so much to her? Shifter in Ascent is a GraveTells Recommended Read!

  • Title: Shifter in Ascent
  • Series: Louisiana Shifters #1
  • Author: Vivian Wood
  • Prominent Characters: Tessa, Jace
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Sexual content level: moderate

***This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence!***


For the past three weeks, Tessa Anderson has been held captive by a mysterious group of people. She has no idea who they are; all she knows is that they want something from her. After weeks of torture, it is revealed that the people holding her hostage are the Legion, an organization dedicated to the survival of human kind. They explain to Tessa that they want her to infiltrate a local pack of Shifters, so that she can help the Legion eradicate them. Tessa’s convinced the people holding her are crazy- she knows werewolves don’t actually exist- but if she wants to save herself and her sister, she’ll have to do as the Legion asks and convince the pack to accept her into their ranks.

When she’s faced with proof that Shifters really do exist, Tessa is forced to find sanctuary with Jace Copeland, a Shifter who belongs to the pack Tessa is supposed to infiltrate. This new world that Tessa is now a part of is dangerous and unfamiliar, but Jace is determined to guide and protect her. Even though Jace doesn’t let people get close to him, he finds himself drawn to Tessa, and neither of them can deny they have a connection between them. As Tessa and Jace grow closer, Tessa is conflicted over her orders to betray him and his pack. A choice must be made, but if Tessa chooses wrong, she could very well lose everyone she cares about.

Shifter in Ascent was a hot and romantic book. From the first page, I was drawn into the story and didn’t want to stop reading to get back to real life. I wanted to find out what would happen with Tessa and Jace and I couldn’t wait to see how everything would turn out at the end.

The chemistry between Tessa and Jace was awesome, and the sexual tension was obvious. I think they made a great couple, and it was sweet getting to see Jace open up to someone for the first time in a long time. And speaking of Jace, have I mentioned how sexy he is? Because he really is. He’s protective, possessive, and a total alpha male (in other words, my kind of guy.) He acted like an ass sometimes, but I still love him. 😉 Tessa was the perfect match for him; she’s strong, independent, and compassionate. She was held captive and tortured, yet she didn’t let that experience make her bitter or cruel, and I liked that about her.

The rest of the characters were all pretty interesting, too. The other pack members were fun to read about, and I especially liked Kat, who I hope gets her own story someday. I really look forward to reading more about Maddie and Jasper, as well.

Memorable Quotes:

If only they were the Ghostbusters…

“You think you’re the friggin’ Ghostbusters?” Tessa asked, a hysterical giggle threatening to break free.
“This is very serious, Tessa,” Jameson rebuked softly.
“And I’m supposed to be- let me guess. A witch? A fairy?” she asked, trying to play along.

Jealous? Who, me? Noooo…

“If Camilla wants him to, he’ll switch sides for her. She does that sexy, innocent thing that drives men wild,” Tessa said, rolling her eyes.
“I think I know where she learned that,” Jace said.
“Oh come on. I’m the older sister, after all. I’ve seen some things and been some places.”
“I bet you anything that I can show you some things you haven’t tried before,” Jace teased, picking up her hand and kissing her fingertips.
“And if I’m not impressed, I get anything I want?” Tessa asked coyly. Jace let out a soft growl and rolled over to cover her body.
“You’d better not have seen any of the things I’m planning to do to you right now,” he threatened.

If you liked Shifter in Ascent…

You should definitely check out Pride Mates, book 1 in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. This book is also PNR and centers around Shifters, and Liam, the sexy, alpha hero of the book, is yummy! The Shifters Unbound world is pretty similar to the Louisiana Shifters world, too.

You might also like Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden. This book also features a hot alpha wolf (whose name also happens to be Jace!). Cynthia Eden’s Jace is rather similar to Vivian Wood’s; they’re both stubborn, loyal, possessive, and, of course, sexy.

Final Thoughts:

Shifter in Ascent was an enjoyable read. There were some seriously steamy scenes, but also plenty of action scenes, too. The Louisiana Shifters series has a lot of potential, and I’m eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. This book is a GraveTells recommended read!

Rating: Shifter in Ascent


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