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Review: Rise From Darkness (Battle For Souls #1) by Ciara Knight

Review: Rise From Darkness (Battle For Souls #1) by Ciara Knight

by dg_mollyMay 16, 2012

TLDR Recap:

With archaic powers of an angel and the self-control of a toddler, Alexander is on the fallen angel fast-track to Hell. Seeking redemption and a second chance to ascend, he saves a girl from a torturous death by some local demons. Now with targets on their backs, Alex must guard Gaby with his life or risk losing his heart and both of their souls.

  • Title: Rise From Darkness
  • Series: Battle For Souls book #1
  • Author: Ciara Knight
  • Prominent Characters: Alexander, Gaby
  • Recommended Reader Age: 13+
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
  • Sexual Content Level: light (nothing overtly sexual, a little kissing)

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Since the death of her mother, Gaby’s life has not been easy. Every night is filled with demonic nightmares, her days spent with worry that her father will come home drunk (again) or tell her they’re moving (again). Her way to escape has always been her art, but even that is filled with grotesque images from her nightmares. More than anything, Gaby wants to stay in one place and have a normal teenage life with friends and, hopefully, a boyfriend.

Alexander, a fallen angel, may have been ancient once in Heaven. Now on earth, he’s the emotional equivalent of a two year old in a sixteen year old body, complete with all the raging teen hormonal trimmings. He hasn’t mastered the ability to control his temper and he’s haunted with guilt from his failure to save a woman from death at the hands of Foras, the local head demon. Alex is desperate to find a way back into heaven and discovers it in the form of Gaby; a girl he rescues from Foras.

The attraction between Alex and Gaby was instantaneous and only grows more powerful as Alex endeavours to guard Gaby not only from Foras, but also from himself. The threat of attack from Foras keeps them constantly on their toes and has Alex in a dangerous position as he fights to keep his temper at bay and the anger out of his heart. Though Alex’s mission begins with the sole task of protecting Gaby, it evolves into a joint quest of self-discovery, change, and young love.

Reading Rise From Darkness I was transported back to my time as a teenager with a vengeance. Ciara Knight’s depiction of teenage love, recklessness, and impulse was dead-on and had me re-living memories of when I went through those same confusing, intense emotions. It also made me realize that I spent most of the book frustrated that Alex and Gaby couldn’t just express themselves to each other.

Memorable Quotes:

Oooo…no he didn’t…

“Go, Foras. You’ve had your fun.” Alexander swatted the sand away and stepped forward.

“If you’re not having fun, why don’t you go away – far away?” Foras glanced at the others and turned back with a grin. “Oh, that’s right. You’re impotent. You can’t get your wings up.”

A sniffle-worthy declaration…

Alexander cleared his throat as if to get her attention again. “A promise that no matter what happens I’ll always do the right thing. A promise I’ll remain by your side and never run away. I promise I’ll respect your wishes. But most of all I vow I’ll love you always no matter what happens.”

If you liked Rise From Darkness…

If you enjoyed Rise From Darkness and are looking for more stories of fallen angels and demons don’t miss Knight’s follow up Fall From Grace, the continuation of Alex and Gaby’s story.

Final Thoughts:

I’m somewhat undecided about Rise From Darkness. On one hand, the story was well written, with well-developed characters, and good action sequences. On the other hand, the story just didn’t suck me in. I found myself thinking more about my own teen experiences rather than following the story. Which was probably due to the fact that Rise From Darkness was very chaste, drenched in light kissing and longing from afar. Personally I like a little more “action” in my romances.

Rating: Rise From Darkness


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  • Tina B
    May 16, 2012 at 10:06 am

    I love this cover! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Molly. I am undecided on whether I want to read it or not. I have been reading a lot of angel books lately. I may add it to my TBR.

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