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Review: ReVamped (Angel Creek #1) by Ada Adams

Review: ReVamped (Angel Creek #1) by Ada Adams

by dg_mollyAugust 2, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Nineteen year old Dawn is a Born vampire and sheltered daughter of the vampire President. She’s trained all of her life as a warrior and has finally been given her first mission outside of her dad’s presidential compound. Dawn is sent to a small town called Angel Creek to round up the remaining vampires to train and establish them as town guardians. As Dawn trains the rag-tag group against the growing threat of vampire rebels, she starts to fall for Sebastian, a cold, rebellious, yet intriguing vamp that refuses to join her team. As the rebel threat becomes a reality, Dawn, Sebastian, and her team fight through rebel attacks and hostage situations that ultimately reveal a shocking truth that links Dawn and Sebastian’s families and pasts.

  • Title: ReVamped
  • Series: Angel Creek #1
  • Author: Ada Adams
  • Prominent Characters: Dawn, Sebastian
  • Recommended Reader Age: 14+
  • Genre: YA,Paranormal Romance
  • Sexual Content Level: very light

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Dawn is nineteen and was born a vampire. Her entire life has been spent safely inside the walls of her father’s presidential compound, training in all manners of combat. Finally receiving her first mission outside of the compound is a dream come true for her. Arriving in Angel Creek and rounding up her team members, however, elicit the opposite reaction from her. “Rejects,” is more an apt word for the members her father wants her to train, but Dawn’s strength, determination, and unwillingness of letting her father down all work in her favor to get her team into shape.

A son of Angel Creek’s founding family, Sebastian has just returned to his birthplace after wandering the world aimlessly, trying to get over the murder of his family. At first self-centered and arrogant, Sebastian refuses to help Dawn or join her team, but later can’t keep himself away.

As the group is attacked by the vampire rebels, secret plots are peeled back like onion layers revealing a century old family feud that links Dawn and Sebastian’s families and shocking secrets about Dawn’s origin.

ReVamped was good. Adams’ writing was great. Her descriptions of architecture and the actual town of Angel Creek made me feel like I was walking down Main Street. The characters were well-rounded, but a bit immature and the plot was good, but predictable. I just felt that through all the action and drama that the characters were thrown into, their reactions would have been a little more believable. The romance was sweet and G rated. I like a little more “action” in my romances, which is one of the main reasons I felt myself unwilling to get more involved with the story.

Memorable Quotes:


“Hello there,” the stranger greeted me in a slight Southern drawl. I barely caught the accent in his deep, raspy voice, but it was a pleasant sound, adding to the air of mystery surrounding him.
I drew in a long, calming breath before attempting to speak. “Can I help you?” I asked, doing my best to match the sultriness of his tone in my own voice. Even if I had sounded poised and elegant on the outside, in my head, I felt like a complete dork.
“I think I should be asking you that,” his playful smirk was now a full-fledged smile, complete with slight dimples on each of his chiseled cheeks.
When I failed to respond, he laughed again, his eyes twinkling teasingly. “What can I getcha?” he asked, pointing to the notepad and pen in his hand.

I guess dropping daddy’s name doesn’t always work…

“But, but… you can’t do that. When I tell the President that you’re here, he’ll order you to join the group.” I was grasping at straws.
All of a sudden, Sebastian charged toward me, thrusting his face directly into mine. He was so close our noses almost touched. I raised my eyes to meet his, the raindrops from his wet locks dripping onto my forehead. I fought the temptation to blink, as droplets of water slid down my eyelashes. I was not about to show him any weakness.
“For the past century, I’ve been doing exactly what I want, when I want. I don’t owe anything to any human or vampire—especially not the President. Now, please leave, before I make you leave!” he said through clenched teeth.
“Fine!” I yelled, pressing my fists tightly against my legs in an effort to prevent myself from striking him. “But, just so you know, you’re a really sucky vampire.”

If you liked ReVamped…

If you enjoyed ReVamped and are looking to continue Dawn’s intriguing story, check out Adams’ sequel ReAwakened, coming Fall 2012.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, ReVamped was a good read, just not for me. However, because of an intriguing prologue, I find myself looking for the release of the sequel.

Rating: ReVamped


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