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Review: North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi #1) by Laura Kaye

Review: North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi #1) by Laura Kaye

by The CaptainDecember 24, 2011


TLDR recap:

Megan Snow has allowed herself to become crippled by grief in the two years following her husband’s death. Can love (both old and new) free her to live and find new meaning and direction for her life? There’s magic in the winter air this Christmas for Megan embodied in an unexpected visitor named Owen Winters. North of Need is a GraveTells Fave!

Title: North of Need
Series: Hearts of the Anemoi book #1
Author: Laura Kaye
Prominent Characters: Megan, Owen
Recommended reader age: 18+
Sexual content level: moderate to high (and very steamy!)

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


What do you do when everything you hoped for your future has suddenly been ripped away?  Megan Snow is a widow at 29, and sooo not loving life.  She’s a hollow shell of the woman she used to be.  The future that she had envisioned for herself is gone along with her husband.  The crippling grief Megan feels is palpable, the fear that directs her actions understandable.  I was moved to teary-eyed boo-hoos more than once reading this book and if you have any shred of humanity you will too.

(Of course you could be a robot.  Robots don’t feel.  They also don’t eat and so don’t poop.  Which might actually make them good pets, if you can control their urge for world domination.)

North of Need is a book that will get inside your head and live there.  It will set up shop, maybe build an igloo.  If you’re lucky Owen might come walking out and buy you an ice cream.  Let’s talk about Owen, in fact.  He’s tall, dark, handsome, muscular, sweet, wonderfully enthusiastic for all things that bring oral pleasure, and the perfect hero for Megan.  With his joyful exuberance for living and experiencing even the smallest things with child-like glee, he is the perfect match to bring Megan back to life (read: gettin’ nekkid) and love (the forever and ever kind).

This book made me think of all sorts of silly one liner blurbs for the cover, especially once things got hot between the sheets and not just between Megan and Owen’s eyes. I’m all for people stripping each other with their ocular devices, but when they do it with their hands (or even teeth), so much better! Would you like to know what they are? Okey-dokey!

Megan and Owen: With sizzling sexual tension that will melt their frozen panties right off, North of Need is the perfect winter read for any Eskimo.

Owen Winters may be soft hearted, but he’s hard as an icicle right where it counts – in his pants.

And lastly:

Owen Winters. A man whose existence creates perfectly logical support for anatomically correct snowmen.

Memorable quotes:

I think I’d let Owen have ice cream if he was good, and especially if he was bad….. 😉

“Can we have ice cream for breakfast?”  Her mouth curved into a grin. She couldn’t think of anyone, save maybe Kate, who could draw a smile from her so quickly. But he was just unexpectedly adorable. “Maybe. If you’re a good boy.” She cringed.Why the hell did she say that? Was she…flirting with him? Restraining a grimace, she chanced a look at him.

His dark gaze shifted from playful to scorching. “And what would that entail?”


Mmmm that is some kind of throw rug you got there Ms. Snow!

Owen. Stretched out along the whole length of her bed. Her eyes raked over his body, drinking in his tousled black hair, miles of bare skin and cut muscles, the black trail of curls that led down to his pajama bottoms, which had settled low on his hips. Dangerously low. Damn. She couldn’t have built a better model if she’d tried. Even inthe dim pre-morning light, his physical perfection was obvious.

If you liked North of Need of the Hearts of the Anemoi series…

You might also like Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  It made Editor in Chief of all my crazy, DVK, get weepy.
*Editors note: Fantasy Lover tugs at all the right heart strings and still manages to deliver incredibly steamy scenes, a smokin’ hot hunky man with a heart of gold and a warrior’s determination, and enough suspense and plot twists  to keep you captivated.  It’s the (some say) optional first book in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.  I don’t think it’s optional.  I think you should go out and DEVOUR it!  *grin*

I’m sorry that I don’t have more than that for you. Most of the stuff I read has a monster or bloody guts in it. So…that’s all I got. 🙂


Alright, alright. I went up to the magic shelves of awesome in my office.  I have two books for you: Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong and No Rest For The Wicked by Kresley Cole.  Both these books are a blend of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance with a heaping helping of magic thrown on top.

Dime Store Magic is about two people thrust together who have been pretty much programmed from birth not to trust each other and yet find common ground and love in what seems like a hopeless situation.  It’s a fantastic book you can read as a standalone in the Women of the Otherworld series.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering if Paige and Lucas will find their way around the prejudice that tells them they can’t be together, no matter what they feel in their hearts.  I spent a good chunk of this book scared and frustrated for them, and when they got the HEA they both deserved I was thrilled.  Just like with Megan and Owen.

No Rest For The Wicked is about a Valkyrie assassin and the vampire she just can’t seem to kill.  Love heals them both.  They are two wounded souls longing for release from the pain that has frozen their hearts.  (And oh boy do they find it!)  From the steamy love scenes to the eventual realization by the heroine that she just can’t live without her supa sexy vampire, No Rest For The Wicked is all about finding love again after you thought that all hope for it in your life has fled.

Okay, so both of those have monsters and bloodshed.  Sorry, but I’m just that kind of girl.  I love to read about love, but if there’s some kind of peril involved, even better.  Forgive me?  But, do you see my theme?  Magic, love conquers all, smexy breath stealing scenes…..


Final thoughts:

North of Need is a love story that will crawl inside your noggin and take up residence.  I challenge you to read it and not be in tears at least twice.  It is sad, but it is also uplifting and beautiful in the truths that it conveys about what love really is.  Real love, true love, means wanting another’s happiness and fulfillment even after we are gone.  It is seeking to help them continue to contribute to the world and experience its beauty.

Megan Snow has to learn that lesson, and it pains her, but ultimately bestows the greatest gift a person can receive: the knowledge that she was and still is truly loved by her husband and that to honor that love, she has to learn to give love once again in return. By continuing on and living a fulfilled existence, we honor the love that was given to us and return it to the universe. There is no greater way to remember and be thankful for those who have departed this plane of existence.

Alright, enough introspection. Bet you didn’t know I could be serious, did ya? Heh. I’m a smart girl. I just usually cover it with a heaping helping of silly. And let’s get back to that, shall we?

So, congratulations are in order for a certain author.  Laura Kaye, how does it feel to deflower The Captain?  You’re the first author to receive a Gold Heart Award from me!  Rock on with your bad self!  I am a virgin no longer….

I am thrilled to say that North of Need is a GraveTells Fave! Give it, recommend it, shout it with a mega-phone! Woot!

Rating: North of Need
Gravetells Fave


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  • December 25, 2011 at 3:12 am

    I whole-heartedly agree with this review! This book was aces, all around. I’m really looking forward to West of Want!

  • May 23, 2012 at 5:49 am

    I have read few books by Laura Kaye and I have to say that she is becoming one of my new favorite authors. I LOVED this beautiful story. This is a really heartwarming story with two great characters. Such a creative storyline which displays the authors talent and imagination, and I can’t wait for the next in this series!

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