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Review: Lucid (Brightest Kind of Darkness #2) by P.T. Michelle

Review: Lucid (Brightest Kind of Darkness #2) by P.T. Michelle

by Rachel ElizabethAugust 12, 2012

TLDR Recap:

After outsmarting Fate, 16 year old Nara barely escaped with her life. The encounter left her with more questions than answers, and now Nara seeks the truth about her powers, while also trying to learn more about the mysterious sword that suddenly appeared on her boyfriend, Ethan’s, back. But searching for answers might prove to be more dangerous than Nara ever imagined…Lucid is a GraveTells must-read!

  • Title: Lucid
  • Series: Brightest Kind of Darkness #2
  • Author: P.T. Michelle
  • Prominent Characters: Nara, Ethan
  • Recommended Reader Age: 14+
  • Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

***This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence!***


At the end of Brightest Kind of Darkness, Nara had an epic showdown with Fate in her dreams. When she woke up, it was to discover a strange sword with raven designs on it had appeared on her boyfriend’s back. At the start of Lucid, Nara has a ton of questions swirling around in her head; why can’t she see Ethan in her dreams of the future? What does the sword on his back mean? How come they both have an odd connection with ravens? And why did Nara’s dad really leave all those years ago? Nara needs answers, and she’s willing to do anything to get them. The new guy at school, Drystan, is willing to help her, and he seems to have more in common with Nara than she initially thought. Unfortunately, Nara’s quest turns out to be more dangerous than she anticipated…

Lucid was a great sequel to Brightest Kind of Darkness. The plot was intriguing, and it was both suspenseful and romantic.

Nara remains one of my favorite YA heroines. She’s brave and smart, and in Lucid, she’s even kind of badass. I love her determination to find the truth, and I like how she stands up to Fate, even though he’s pretty freaky.

Sadly, Ethan isn’t in the book all that much, as he’s in Michigan trying to patch things up with his parents. Fortunately, Nara texts him and talks to him a few times on the phone, so readers get their Ethan fix. I would’ve liked to see more of him, just because I love Ethan so much, but the parts of the book that he is in are awesome. He’s so protective of Nara, and he has the best, most swoon-worthy lines in the whole book. There’s a lot going on with Ethan, and I can’t wait to find out more about what exactly he is in book three.

Drystan was an interesting character, and even though I didn’t want to like him, (I didn’t want him getting in the way of Nara and Ethan’s relationship!) I do. He’s funny and his Welsh accent is hot. I just hope he doesn’t try to steal Nara in the next book- and if he does, I hope he’s not successful. Nara and Ethan belong together!

I think Lucid might be even better than Brightest Kind of Darkness and the wait for the next book will most definitely be difficult!

Memorable Quotes:


A wicked smile crooked his lips as he ran his finger along my lower lip, swiping away strawberry juice before I could lick it. I stared in mesmerized fascination when he sucked the sweet liquid off his finger, murmuring in a deep rumble, “Mmmm, Strawberry Nara.”

Mmm, I like jealous, possessive Ethan…

He pulled me tighter against him, as if he couldn’t get close enough, then kissed my jaw and spoke in a low, rough voice, “When I saw his hands on you, touching your skin, all I could think about was snapping him in half.” His warm mouth moved to my throat and he nipped lightly, his grip tightening. “You’re part of me, Nara. Always and forever.”
“Together ’til the wheels fall off,” I agreed.

If you liked Lucid…

You definitely need to read Brightest Kind of Darkness (check out the GraveTells review for Brightest Kind of Darkness here) since it’s the first book in the series. Reading it will help readers better understand the characters and storyline.

Final Thoughts

Lucid was a wonderful, captivating second installment in the Brightest Kind of Darkness series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the third book. This novel is a GraveTells must-read!

Rating: Lucid


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