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Review: Entangled (Spellbound #1) by Nikki Jefford

Review: Entangled (Spellbound #1) by Nikki Jefford

by Rachel ElizabethJune 15, 2012

TLDR Recap:

17 year old Graylee Perez and her twin sister, Charlene, are witches. After a spell goes horribly wrong, Gray dies and finds herself somehow sharing Charlene’s body. Gray will need the help of bad-boy Raj McKenna to find a solution to the problem. After all, how long can 2 souls share a body before one of them has to go? Entangled is worth a look!

  • Title: Entangled
  • Series: Spellbound #1
  • Author: Nikki Jefford
  • Prominent Characters: Graylee, Raj, Charlene
  • Recommended Reader Age: 15+
  • Genre(s): young adult, paranormal romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

***This review contains some plot spoilers, but nothing major!***


Graylee Perez is what you’d call the “good twin” of her family. She doesn’t break the rules, she gets to her classes on time, and just wants to be normal. Her sister, Charlene, is the irresponsible drama queen of the family. Both girls are witches with amazing powers. Life is going pretty well for Gray until she discovers her sister’s been keeping a terrible secret. Everything changes when Gray wakes up one morning to find herself in Charlene’s body. Confused and disoriented, Gray learns that she died… and that 2 months have gone by since her death. Now there are 2 souls in Charlene’s body, and every other day, Gray is in control of that body and must pretend to be her twin sister. When Raj McKenna, a warlock with a bad reputation, volunteers to help Graylee, she has no choice but to accept. The chances of getting her own body back are slim, but Gray can’t go the rest of her life sharing her sister’s body. And despite the fact that Gray has a no-dating-warlocks rule, she can’t stop her feelings for Raj from growing. But Gray might not have a lot of time left before Charlene tries to get rid of Gray… for good.

Entangled was a light, quick read with an entertaining plot. This first book in the Spellbound series is full of magic, romance, and plenty of high school drama.

I have mixed feelings about the main character in this book, Graylee Perez. On one hand, I found her funny, loyal, and vulnerable. On the other, there were times where I thought she was kind of bratty (not nearly as bratty as her sister, though). She judges Raj without really knowing him, just because of rumors she’s heard. And then there are moments when she’s rude to him when all the guy wants to do is help her. I guess that’s not unrealistic, however, because I’m sure I’d be pretty irritable too if I found out I had died and was now stuck sharing a body with my sister. Still, her attitude got a little annoying at times. And for supposedly being the “good twin,” Gray makes some not-so-good decisions, such as sneaking into a class while invisible and then appearing in her chair, hoping no one will notice. Kind of a risky move if you’re trying to keep your identity a secret.

Speaking of Raj, I thought he was the most intriguing character in Entangled. He’s had a difficult life, yet he still has a charming, caring side. He has the bad boy look and attitude down, too, which makes him even more appealing, in my opinion. I like how Nikki Jefford gave us some glimpses into his head by writing numerous chapters from his POV. Those scenes gave us an opportunity to see just how much he cares about Gray, which was sweet.

As for Charlene, she’s one of those characters you just want to reach into a book and repeatedly smack. She makes a good villain, simply because you dislike her so much. She’s self-centered, careless, and immature, and all those qualities combined turn her into a downright mean person. I like when an author can get me to feel so strongly about a character, though (and in Charlene’s case, I strongly hate her).

Despite the somewhat predictable plot, Entangled is a fun tale of betrayal, romance, and mystery, that readers of YA PNR books should consider checking out.

Memorable Quotes:

I wouldn’t mind being the last person on earth with Raj…

“You really want that invisibility spell that bad? Well, forget it. I’m not giving it to you and I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last person on earth.”
Raj grinned. This wasn’t rejection-just a bit of foreplay between a witch and a warlock. “That’d be nice. You, me, and the world to ourselves.”
“Sounds like my idea of hell.”
“At least in hell we could be wicked.”

Sucks to be stuck in your twin’s body trying to speak a language you don’t know…

“Why don’t you share what you did over the weekend with the class?”
Gray could feel her eyes widening like saucers over her face. “Uh, oui,” she began. If only she could channel her mother, who spoke French better than most natives. Gray sent out a silent plea, but no one answered her SOS.
Madame Girard tapped her foot.
Gray cleared her throat. “I went to zee restaurant with my mozther.” Maybe if she spoke with an accent the class wouldn’t notice her words were in English.

If you liked Entangled…

You might also enjoy Hex Hall, book 1 in the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins. This series is YA, and contains plenty of humor and romance like Entangled does. These books also focus on witches and magic.

You should check out Book of Shadows (Sweep/Wicca book 1) by Cate Tiernan, too. This is another great YA series that features witches, romance, and mystery.

Final Thoughts:

Even though I anticipated most of the major events in the book, Entangled was an enjoyable read. The Spellbound series has a lot of potential, and is absolutely worth a look!

Rating: Entangled


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