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Review: A Scent of Longing (A 1Night Stand short) by Cara Bristol

Review: A Scent of Longing (A 1Night Stand short) by Cara Bristol

by Buffy KennedySeptember 5, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Lily won’t date a vampire, not ever again. The last time she did, it got her turned into one. She agrees to a one night stand only because she believes that she’s doomed to such trysts now. Luc, a three century old vampire, can’t continue to play into the fantasies of young ladies while he longs for a mate. He vows this will be his last, giving up all hope. Madame Eve is a skilled matchmaker, and has a surprise in store for both of them that neither are prepared for. GraveTells calls A Scent of Longing a must read!

  • Title: A Scent of Longing
  • Series: 1Night Stand
  • Author: Cara Bristol
  • Prominent Characters: Lily and Luc
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Sexual Content Level: Strong

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


From the very beginning, you get emotionally involved as you witness Lily struggle with the concept of re-entering the dating world while still adjusting to her new life as a vampire, courtesy of a former lover. Her friend convinces her to give one night stand a shot, and though she’s nervous, she gathers her courage to go through with it. Luc knows he’s supposed to meet his mate, but fears his time has passed and gives up hope, but meets Lily as his last hoorah so to speak.

Neither provide full disclosure, and the anticipation for them to divulge their truths and talk things out openly and honestly is exquisite. The story is predictable, but only to a point, as while I probably should have, I didn’t see Lily’s reaction coming. There’s also an absolutely laughable moment towards the end, and I want so badly to put it in the quotes but can’t because it would give something away, but I laughed for a full frickin’ minute. Then I cried. Well paced, it was such a great story and I look forward to more from Cara Bristol!

Memorable Quotes:

Good pep talk there Lily.

The urge to flee rose within, but she tamped down her nervousness. You are strong. You are immortal. You are vamp.
You are scared shitless.

Glad we cleared that up.

Horrified, she clamped her lips together and wrenched her gaze away from his crotch, only to find him watching her. The heat flooding her face confirmed vampires could blush.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, A Scent of Longing is a very sweet, sensual, and fun story. It will have you smiling and swooning right along with the characters at times, and wanting to cry for them both at others. I definitely think this one is a must read!

Rating: A Scent of Longing

A must read!

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