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Review: A Hidden Magic (Sentinels series #1) by Angela Benedetti

Review: A Hidden Magic (Sentinels series #1) by Angela Benedetti

by Kenra DanielsOctober 13, 2011


*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! So read on with confidence and let your curiosity get the best of you!***

TLDR recap:

When psychotic Rory goes to meet his friend Manny for breakfast, he has to be really careful where he’s looking so he doesn’t see all sorts of fairy tale creatures. Next thing he knows, goblins are trying to eat him, and Manny’s friends rescue him. Turns out, he’s not psychotic after all, but able to see magical creatures, and he has something special that makes him incredibly appetizing to them. Manny’s friend Paul, leader of the Sentinel team responsible for keeping the mortal realm safe from magical creatures, appoints himself Rory’s protector-in-chief. A Hidden Magic is Worth a Look!

  • Title: A Hidden Magic
  • Series: The Sentinels Series Book #1.5
  • Author: Angela Benedetti
  • Prominent Characters: Rory, Paul, Manny
  • Recommended reader age: 17+
  • Sexual content level: Light to Moderate
  • Classification: Male/Male Romance


***** CONTENT ALERT: This is a review of a male/male romance book.  If anything about that statement offends you or if you have delicate sensibilities, you may consider skipping this review.  Nothing here is crude or explicit, but some of the visuals evoked might be disturbing to you.  Consider yourself warned.  =) *****



Ms. Benedetti gives an intriguing glimpse into a world where people are either “normal” or mages, and magical creatures slip back and forth from their own realm into ours, carrying out all sorts of mischief. She gives enough physical detail to allow the reader to see her world quite well, without the description being intrusive or over-done.

The story moves along quickly and logically, though there are a few places where it lags slightly for a short time. There was sufficient tension/suspense to keep me reading, but I believe it would have been more effective if I had felt closer to the characters.

Sexual tension isn’t incredibly high in the story, and almost feels like an afterthought. The one full intimate scene is rather sweet, and culminates the happy ending. The romance part of the story isn’t as well-developed as the world-building and the magical aspects. If you’re looking for a male/male romance that isn’t long on intimate detail, this might be the book for you.

Memorable Quotes:

If you have fashion-challenged male friends, this guy’s image might change your mind on the extent of their challenge.

How he dressed didn’t help — the man wore enough jewelry to stock a flea market booth, with rings on every finger; six piercings in the ear Rory could see; multiple bracelets, including bangles, chains, and a charm bracelet; at least a dozen necklaces and pendants, one of which was what Rory could only think of as a “charm necklace,” with little thingies attached to it every inch or so along its length; a mass of pins like the kind people traded at the Olympics arrayed along the lapels of his leather jacket; and a silver belt buckle the size of Rory’s palm, inlaid with a soaring gull in lapis.


Imagine a lizard crossed with a chipmunk popping into your living room whenever, to beg leftovers. Pixies can apparently take just about any form, but Azzie takes a real liking to Rory and his kitchen. I’d probably move out and leave the little critter to it.

It was rather like feeding a stray — once you started, it was tough to stop. Folks who left a piece of bread and a bowl of milk out in the garden every night for generations thought they were the only ones who had fairies. Not quite. Actually, they were the ones who’d attracted the little freeloaders’ attention, while everyone else sensibly ignored them.

At least keeping the pixies happy and fed is supposed to keep them from playing practical jokes on you to get even.

Final thoughts:

If you’re looking for a quick read filled with paranormal creatures who aren’t as nasty as some tend to be, A Hidden Magic might be for you. It could be perfect for the doctor’s waiting room, or anywhere that you can’t be completely lost and involved in reading.

Rating: A Hidden Magic

Worth A Look!


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*Thanks to Torquere Press Inc and Angela Benedetti for allowing GraveTells to review this book.  No payment or compensation was received for this review and the opinions herein are honest and unaffected by any outside factors.

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