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Micro-Review: Blood Roses (Blackthorn #2) by Lindsay J. Pryor

Micro-Review: Blood Roses (Blackthorn #2) by Lindsay J. Pryor

by davincikittieApril 21, 2013

Blood RosesBlood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first foray into Blackthorn with Blood Shadows and Blood Roses did not disappoint! Caleb is every bit as ruthless, unpredictable, alpha, and manipulative as I’d hoped and Leila had a fighting spirit that made her an excellent match for him. One of my favorite things about Ms. Pryor’s writing is how she sets the scene so vividly and masterfully so you feel you’re there in the moment without being distracted by lengthy, unnecessary descriptions.

I’d have liked to see a little more of Blackthorn, however, and the conclusion between Leila and Caleb felt a little unfinished, but this storyline is absolutely building up to something monumental and it’ll be a ride to get there! If you haven’t read Blood Shadows, start there or you won’t understand some of the world references and the full depravity of Blackthorn.

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  • Amity
    April 23, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    I just read Blood Roses and would definitely give it top rating. For me, it’s just as you’ve said above–her descriptive voice is amazing, and not just in scene and set up, but emotion, movement, seduction. Ms. Pryor has a rare talent with words as well as delivery.

    What I love about the work itself is that she doesn’t hold the punches. She doesn’t weaken her characters in an attempt to salvage them. She keeps them true to their character as well as their circumstance. Their persona is held clear through to the end. For me, in Blood Roses as well as Blood Shadows, I had to respect the decision to leave them where they were, knowing their story goes on.

    I would recommend to all to read her website, where she gives a wonderful overview of the history and dynamics of Blackthorn. It makes the reads even that much more enjoyable. It’s really a very clever world with lots of unique yet believable parts.

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