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Interview with the Grave Watcher

Interview with the Grave Watcher

by davincikittieOctober 3, 2011

Last month, GraveTells reviewed Missouri Dalton’s The Grave Watchers; we managed to talk Sebastien, the main protagonist of the story, into sitting down to chat for a while and answer a few of our… ahem… burning questions.  *waggles eyebrows*  GT reviewer Captain Dirty Pants had the honor of facilitating the interview, and here’s what they talked about…

GT: Think you can work the computer enough not to throw it out the window? Maybe you should get Claude to help you….
Sebastien: Probably not.

GT: Were you married before or after you died?
Sebastien: After

GT: How long were you married?
Sebastien: I was married shortly after the rebels took the Colonies, and not so much divorced as nearly killed.

GT: Was this before or after you realized you would rather be with a man?
Sebastien: Man or woman, gender was not particularly important to me. I suppose it’s more about the person really. I’ve not been interested in a woman for some time, but I blame that mostly on Blair.

GT: If you get injured, what happens? I know that if you go back to your tomb, you get all healed up and spiffy, but if you don’t go back there do the injuries stick around or do they just heal really slow (like a human)?
Sebastien: I heal faster than I did when I was alive, though the process slows considerably the more injuries I accumulate.

GT: How awesome does Bones look naked?
Sebastien: As I am a gentleman, I should refrain but…I would give him five stars.

GT: Craziest god or deity you’ve run into:
Sebastien: Zeus. My hair stood on end for days.

GT: Did you ever figure out how to work the gaming system Claude bought you?
Sebastien: If by figure out, you do mean allowed to accumulate dust, correct?

GT: Ever consider a little three way action with Bones and Claude? (Can I watch? Cause you boys are hot stuff.)
Sebastien: *Ahem* Well, if by consider you mean done, then yes, I’ve completely considered it. Bones is incredibly willing to share. Strange for a cat, I know.

GT: Syphillis? Really? Ick…. Care to elaborate?
Sebastien: It was before I met Blair, and it wasn’t me, it was Claude. Shocking, I know.

GT: Is that your lovely chest on the cover of the book? Its very nice…..
Sebastien: Yes. Though the shirt is Claude’s.

GT: What bishop did you remove? Why? And what exactly did you mean by “remove”?
Sebastien: If I told you, I would incur the wrath of the Catholic Church. He was insufferable, and by remove, I mean I buried him upside down in a marsh.

GT: When exactly did you meet Lizzie Borden?
Sebastien: Right after she rose from the dead. Zombie serial killers are unsettling.

GT: Oh, and just because I thought it was beautiful and absolutely the right thing to say: “You are only what you decide to be. Who am I to change who you are?”
Sebastien: Well, thank you.

GT: When you said that to Blair, even if she later turned into a homicidal bitch, was wonderful and melted me, just a bit. 🙂
Sebastien: I manage poetic phrase now and again.

The Grave Watchers is author Missouri Dalton’s first published novel.  She has two short stories (Fiends in Low Places and The King’s Dog) currently published and has one upcoming release in October (Poisoned Spirits), with a Fiends followup novel in the works.  Missouri is a fan of Tim Burton’s work (and Johnny Depp’s!) and confesses that it has not-insignificantly influenced her writing.  She’s a self-professed gamer-girl and geek (DVK says: right on sister! *wink*) who grew up playing D&D, video games, and Magic cards, and is constantly on the search for foreign-made Coca-Cola “because it tastes better”.   Missouri gives credit where credit is due by attributing her success partly to friend and beta editor Sine’, who was exceptionally supportive and encouraging during the writing of The Grave Watchers.

Gravetells extends an enthusiastic “thank you!” to Missouri for providing her novel for us to review and for being a great sport about Sebastien’s interview, and of course to Sebastien himself for being so honest and charming.

Read GraveTells’ review of The Grave Watchers here.

Buy The Grave Watchers for Kindle here.

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