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Giveaway (US/Int): Come chat with DaVinciKittie & A.J. Larrieu about paranormal romance and books we love!

Giveaway (US/Int): Come chat with DaVinciKittie & A.J. Larrieu about paranormal romance and books we love!

by davincikittieAugust 13, 2013



When A.J. Larrieu asked me to be a guest on Paranormal Unbound, I was stoked.  I get to chat about one of my favorite subjects with a promising new author on a site all about breaking the rules and redefining the norm?!  Yes, please!  The interview is conversational, and really fun to read.  I’m not saying that because I helped write it, either.  *wink*  Here are a few snippets to try to lure you into heading over there to read it and leave a comment.  *grin*

[quote]Genre fiction definitely has dedicated fans. In fact, when I get together with other romance readers (especially paranormal and military contemporary, with their hubba hubba alpha males!), we usually click like old girlfriends. I mean, who else can you giggle and rant about too-sexy-to-be-true fictional characters with as if they are real people? Try that with “serious” readers and they’ll look at you like you need to be committed… and I don’t mean to memory. [/quote]

[quote]Nothing makes you feel closer to a fellow reader than fighting back together against the adversity, even if it’s just in shared smiles across a train car or heated online discussions about why the rest of the world is SO totally missing out and how that’s COMPLETELY fine with us so we can have those sexy heroes all to ourselves. [/quote]

[quote]Let’s face it: vampires are sexy. They are basically one big metaphor for sex, and sex is a huge motivator for a lot of the things that happen in, well, life. Getting to fantasize about a man (or woman!) who will live (and be smolderingly sexy) forever, has super-human strength and abilities, and can give you the biggest sexual high of your life? Priceless and oh-so-NECESSARY. *grin*[/quote]

[quote]So a question for you, AJ – why do you think readers get so passionate either for or against a series like that? And, as an author, how does it affect your own work? Do you worry about people comparing you to the “wrong” popular series?[/quote]


I would LOVE to hear from you guys about what you thought after/while reading the interview, and I’m not above using bribes to bring you shy peeps out of your shells!  No Rafflecopter for this one, but everyone who heads over there and leaves a comment telling us what your favorite part of the interview is will be eligible for some kickass GraveTells swag.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a swag giveaway, so I’ve amassed quite the collection and some of it is pretty darn awesome (i.e. more than just bookmarks!).  I’ll give swag to the most creative and chatty commenters on the Paranormal Unbound interview, taking a few things into account…

  • Leave your comment about which part was your favorite, and maybe start a little discussion of your own, on the Paranormal Unbound post (not this one, although you can certainly be chatty here too!).
  • If your favorite moment from the interview is one of the ones quoted above, then add a second one that isn’t, so we don’t think you just read the quick quotes and then got the heck out of dodge.  😉
  • Leave a comment for me on THIS post with your email address (or just put it in the comments form) so I know how to contact you if you win.

Easy peasy.  =)  CLICK THIS LINK to load the interview, then enjoy!!

Psst – the giveaway is open internationally!

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