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Featured Book Review: Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

Featured Book Review: Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

by davincikittieMarch 11, 2014

[quote]“You shouldn’t help strange men, sweetheart.”
“All men are strange.” The grin she flipped him warmed him in places he thought would always be frozen. “Besides, I’m armed.”[/quote]

Because the characters are capable of so much more, physically and mentally, than normal people, the action sequences and plot arc of Sweet Revenge are all deliciously amped up. The mystery is deep enough to avoid being transparent and predictable but isn’t so complicated you need a flow chart to map it out. Which is great, because while I want to be challenged a little intellectually by the books I read, that’s not what I’m here for… ya know? *wink* Speaking of, the chemistry between Matt and Laney is superb and his presence is palpable.

[quote]He leaned in. “I’m not one of the good guys, baby, but I’d prefer you somewhat in control of your faculties if this is going where I think it is.”
Her gaze dropped to his full lips. “You’re closer to a good guy than you believe.”
For answer, he curled his free hand around her neck and drew her over the bar. “Don’t look for traits I don’t have. I know exactly who I am.”
“Who are you?” she whispered.
“The guy who’s going to have you screaming his name within the next hour.” His lips took hers.[/quote]

Matt dominates every scene he’s in, and not just in that I’m-an-alpha-dog-hear-me-roar way (although there’s some of that too, for you alpha lovers). Laney holds her own pretty well against the overwhelming force of his personality, and she’s definitely got spunk and determination.

[quote]She’d unleashed something within him, and she’d done so on purpose. “Matt, please—”
“No, baby. You’ll beg when you’re on your knees. Later.” His mouth found the sensitive spot beneath her ear in a full assault demanding her compliance. Her surrender.
His words permeated the fog in her brain even as she tilted her neck to grant better access. “I. Won’t. Be. On. My. Knees.” She panted the words out.
The male chuckle at her ear almost threw her into an instant orgasm. “You know not to challenge me.”
Oh yeah? She rolled her hips against the hard ridge pressing into her.
His sharp intake of breath filled her with triumph.
“You wanna play?” he murmured.
“Yes.” She did it again.[/quote]

We get more involvement with the other two surviving brothers (Nate and Shane) and even a few scenes from Nate’s perspective, giving us a teasing glimpse of what it will be like to be in his head whenever it’s his turn to fall madly in love. I really like this series and can’t wait to see where the storyline goes with the missing brother! Kudos to Ms. Zanetti on another fine Sins Brothers installment!

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  • Lori Meehan
    March 12, 2014 at 5:35 am

    I agree this was a great book as are all of Rebecca Zanetti’s books. I can’t wait for the next one in the series.

    • March 17, 2014 at 9:48 pm

      I’m a big fan too! I love it when I find authors I know I can pretty much read ANYTHING from and expect a good experience.

      Thanks for commenting, Lori! <3

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