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Book Tour & Scavenger Hunt Giveaway: Meet Logan from Keri Lake’s Soul Resurrected

Book Tour & Scavenger Hunt Giveaway: Meet Logan from Keri Lake’s Soul Resurrected

by davincikittieNovember 24, 2013

Please help us welcome Logan! Check out the excerpt below to get to know him a little better…

The sledgehammer hit the rock and exploded into a red dust cloud. Logan used his bicep to wipe the sweat from his forehead and lifted it again. Each swing burned his muscles as he hacked away at the wall. His wounds still festered from his earlier session with the Enforcer demon—the one assigned to torment him for all of his fifty years in the shithole. Gravely dust that coated his body made for an irritating itch as the wounds attempted to seal themselves.

Nothing ever fully healed in Obsidius.

His mind bore the evidence of that.

The punishment was meant to soften and break down demons like Logan—to destroy them mentally and physically so that, assuming they survived the gruesome torture, all they thought, dreamed about, was staying the hell out of prison.

Not Logan though.

Each day his hunger for vengeance grew. With every scar, a new reason to hate.

Heat seeped through the lava-like ore—an element only found in Obsidius. In the human realm, he’d have probably made a killing off the shit; selling it to junkies who’d probably try to reap its hallucinogenic properties from the dust. Logan had gotten so used to the effects, it didn’t even faze him anymore. Not like it mattered. With his twenty-five years left to go in the hellhole, making a killing off anything wouldn’t score him a ticket to freedom anytime soon.

Each swing of the hammer and the subsequent crush of the rock brought a certain satisfaction and he fantasized they were skulls of his enemies—those responsible for sending him to the fucking Disneyland of pain, and the ones connected to the man he’d already killed—the first on his kill list once his sentence was up.

And what sweet revenge that would be …

In spite of the pain, he’d come to develop a fascination with the Enforcer demon’s work, admiring the slow and meticulous nature that the demon inflicted torture. Never rushed. Never affected by the human half of Logan that could be taken under by the horrors of Obsidius. In some ways, Logan felt almost a kindred pairing to the demon.

A student and master.

As Logan heaved to strike another crushing smash, a blow to his ribs knocked the hammer from his hands and threw him against the wall.

His arms were tugged behind him and blackness covered his face. Logan kicked and twisted, but the chains that wrapped around his hands and now his ankles bound him tight. A grunt from one of his captors gave him a sense of proximity. Arms hooked beneath his. Sharpness of the stone floor cutting into his back wounds eased as his body was awkwardly lifted. One set of hands carried his upper half, another carried his bound ankles. Logan flexed and jerked himself to break their grasp.

Even he, though, couldn’t figure out why he didn’t make a single sound.

After minutes of struggle, a light sensation, like flying through the air, clenched his stomach and he hit a cold, hard surface. Kicking his legs behind him, he pushed himself to kneel. A yank of the blindfold brought the room into view and Logan scanned it quickly. Pools of blood stained the floor and the upturned furniture and damp, moldy smell indicated the dark and soundproof detention room where he’d been taken, had not been used in some time.

Pain exploded across his cheek, rattling his jawbone, and jerked Logan’s head to the side. Logan licked the blood and turned his head forward once more.

The demon that stood before him, flanked by two others, carried the signature skin color of his breed. Like the red lava rock Logan had chipped away at the last two and a half decades. The demon towered a good foot above Logan, when standing, and his enormous build, solid muscle, had probably been responsible for busting a good number of knuckles stupid enough to take a swing at him.

He cocked his head to the side. “Seems we’ve got ourselves a half-breed. And here I thought the demon who’d taken down an official was something of a beast.” He leaned in. “More like a bitch.”

Logan remained silent, scanning the demon through his fixed stare, searching for a weakness.

Red grinned, his yellow teeth glowing in the darkness. “Word is you don’t make a sound during your punishments.” His breath smelled of rot. “I also heard you once killed a demon who tried to suck your cock,” he whispered.

Logan snarled and jumped forward.

A chortle echoed in the room, amplified by the laughter of the two goons beside him. Within seconds, each one stood at either side of him and grabbed hold of his arms at the elbows, stretching them in both directions until the chains bit into Logan’s wrists, his muscles stretched so tight they felt as if they’d snap.

Using the tension in his arms, Logan kicked his feet from beneath him and snapped the demon right in the jaw, throwing him back a step.

Like bricks hurled at his ribcage, the two demons that held him punched until Logan could hardly suck in a breath. A thundering crack followed by a sharp zing let him know that they’d busted a rib. He let out a shaky exhale through his nose.

“I’m impressed by your threshold for pain.” The demon in front shook his head. “Phenomenal.” He stroked the front of his prison-issued pants, drawing attention to his bulging erection, and circled his hips in front of Logan. “C’mon cocksucker, let’s see how silent you are with a full mouth.” He sneered. “And feel free to bite. It only makes me harder.”

A push to his shoulders on both sides forced Logan to his knees. He allowed the movement, and glanced upward, into the eyes of the towering demon.

“Look at you. So willing.” The demon smirked as he stared down at him.

Logan focused through the darkness, narrowing his gaze. “A caged snake allows the rat to sniff him first.”

With a forward thrust of his hips, the demon said, “In that case, have a sniff.”

Logan slowly raised his hands, revealing that he’d gotten free from his binds. “What makes you think I’m the rat?”

In one fluid movement, a lightning swipe at the demon’s shins buckled his stance and he lay on his back, eyes wide, mouth fish-gaped.

Logan had severed his legs from his body in a clean cut.

He dragged the shard of stone across the right goon’s gut, spilling innards onto the floor. Saucer eyes met Logan’s as the beast grabbed its seeping wound and dropped to its knees.

Fading crunch of gravel signaled the one on the left had bolted for the door. Logan jumped to his feet, sliced the chain around his ankles and, keeping to the shadows of the room, caught the goon by the nape.

Kicking and screaming, the demon fought his grasp as Logan turned him around. Warmth trickled beneath Logan’s foot and he glanced down to see the demon had pissed himself.

Logan tipped his head, lifted his gaze back to the dangling demon, studying the horrific expression on his face. “Tell me what you’re thinking right now.”

“I’m … I’m thinking? I … don’t want to … die.”

Logan stood thoughtful for a moment. “You think I’m death, coming to claim you?”

“I don’t know what you are.”

Logan grinned at that. “Something far less merciful than death.” He held the sharpened stone between the two of them—one he’d fashioned to match the blade used on him during the tortures. “Let’s begin.”

Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath #2) by Keri LakeAs Wrath’s fiercest son, Logan carries the scars of fifty years spent in the most dreaded prison of the underworld, for a sin he’d kill to keep secret. Enduring decades of gruesome torture has left Logan feared by and detached from others, until a female Alexi’s blood resurrects his soul from death and, with it, the pleasures he’s been denied for so long.

Plagued by shame of her own, Calla is drawn to the ruthless demon, Logan, whose insatiable craving for her touch rouses buried passions and, for once, leaves her feeling desired.

A dark and dangerous evil has been reawakened, however, and when Calla is drawn too close to its breeding grounds, Logan vows to summon the violence of Wrath in order to keep her safe. First, though, Calla must save him from a past riddled with deceit and corruption … but only if she can accept the chilling consequences of unearthing his vilest skeleton.

Buy it on… Amazon eBook | Amazon Print | B&N | Signed Print Copy

Scavenger Hunt

Throughout the tour, participating blogs will be posting a question for readers to hunt down on Keri Lake’s website. Questions can be found throughout the site: book pages, snippets, blog posts and glossary. Most questions will be related to the Sons of Wrath series. A few bloggers will have added bonus questions taken directly from Soul Avenged.

You can visit Keri Lake’s Scavenger Hunt page by clicking on the button. Record your answers on the Answer Sheet. At the end of the tour, you’ll be able to submit your responses via Google Doc right on the Scavenger Hunt page. The individual with the MOST correct responses will win a MYSTERY PRIZE, valued at $125.

Here is the Scavenger Hunt question for the GraveTells stop:

[quote]What is the name of the underworld or demon realm?[/quote]

About the author

Keri Lake Author PhotoKeri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan. She writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and loves a good, tragic love story. Though novels tend to be her focus, she also writes short stories and flash fiction whenever distraction manages to suck her in to the Land of Shiny Things.

When she isn’t toiling away on plots and protagonists, she enjoys reading, music and travel. If she could create mystical powers for herself, she’d have the ability to flash to anywhere in the world. And if she could flash to anywhere in the world at this very moment, she’d be staring at the ocean from her adirondack chair on the shores of North Carolina.

Connect with Keri at… Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon


Keri is giving away several prizes tour wide! It is so spectacular it can’t fit in one sentence! Read below and comment and then fill out the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

1st Prize:

  • 1-$30 Amazon Gift card
  • 1-Signed Paperback Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath, #2)
  • 1-Limited Edition Print signed by Julian Christian & Keri Lake
  • 1-Property of Logan T-Shirt
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2nd Prize:

  • 1-$20 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1-Signed Paperback Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath, #2)
  • 1-Soul Resurrected Tote
  • 1-Soul Resurrected Notebook & Pen set
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  • 1-Sons of Wrath Wine Glass Charm set

For those participating in the Scavenger Hunt:

  • 1-MYSTERY PRIZE (valued at $125)

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  • Amber
    November 25, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    I find Logan fascinating. Ever since I read him in the first book I was just drawn to him and wanted to know more. I cant wait to get to read this. I have it on my wishlist. So hopefully soon! 🙂

  • November 25, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    The description of what Logan suffered are so well done that i’m not at ease reading it it sound so real and his suffering is affecting us deeply. Book one was fabulous, i can’t wait to read book 2 and discover more about all teh brothers and especially Logan ( and gavin)


  • Lee Todd
    November 25, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    wow…he’s seriously pissed! can’t wait to see how that goes 🙂

    leetee2007 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • November 25, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Thank you so much for the kind comments!

    And thank you, davincikittie for hosting a tour stop! ❤

  • Holly C
    November 26, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    This is probably one of my favorite excerpts! It really emphasizes how stone cold Logan can be! I just love him though!

  • Michele A
    December 1, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    oooo….can’t wait to read! The excerpt sounds sooooo darn good!

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