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Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Classy & sassy, an interview with Soul Catcher’s heroine Angel

Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): Classy & sassy, an interview with Soul Catcher’s heroine Angel

by davincikittieSeptember 12, 2012

Please help me welcome debut author Vivi Dumas!

A big thank you to Grave Tells for providing us a place to talk to one of my favorite ladies from Soul Catcher, my debut novel. I’m Vivi Dumas and I’ll be your host today. We’ll be chatting and getting the skinny about what’s going on in the supernatural world of New Orleans.

Please help me welcome my guest, Angelique Dias, better known as Angel to those of us who love her.

Vivi: Hi Angel. Thank for stopping to chat with us.
Angel: Aw, anything for you. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you. * winks *
Vivi: So…tell us how the heck you got mixed up with the Devil. Girl, you had to have been desperate.
Angel: * shrugs * A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I was a supermodel. Never knew anything else but how to use my beauty. I would’ve done anything to get it back. *leans in and whispers* Actually, I was a dumbass, but it taught me a lot of things that I needed to know. Like, WTF, there’s demons, vampires, ghosts, and all kinds of other things that go bump in the night. It was a bit scary in the beginning. Hell, most of it is still scary.
Vivi: It might be scary and I know you lost someone you loved, but I think you got a great prize out of the deal. Tell us about this steamy hot demon you caught.
Angel: I’m not sure if I caught him or he caught me. Jacque’s special though. He put up with a whole crap load of my stubbornness to be with me. But mind you, he came with a boatload of issues of his own, especially that trashy demon ex-girlfriend of his.
Vivi: I heard Bell was a handful, but her brother’s a hottie. Is he seeing someone?
Angel: You know darn well that boy haven’t settled down. Isabella is a crazy beooootch! Next time I see her pushing up on my man, I’ma call some of my peeps and go all gangster on her. *whispers* I’m not exactly sure what that means but it sounds good.
Vivi: *chuckles* Yeah, I can see you’re all gangster in your four inches Jimmy Choos and your Michael Kors dress. Just a side note, those are fabulous shoes.
Angel: *sticks leg out and points toe* Thanks. They’re a couple of seasons old, but classic. I made sure to save most of my shoes when we had to run from the house Lucifer gave me. God, I loved that house. *sigh* But the house Jacque and I found is cool too.
Vivi: So what’s next for you?
Angel: Well, we continue on our plan to take down Lucifer. Gotta find that crazy ass, Bell too. We need to keep a close eye on those who might take the Devil’s side in this battle.
Vivi: Sounds like your plate is full. I know you and Jacque have some more things coming up soon too. I wish you luck.
Angel: Thanks babe!
Vivi: Well, if you want to find out more about Angel and Jacque, please check out Soul Catcher.

Dueling with the Devil Book 1 

One of the top supermodels in the world, Angel, lives the life of the rich and fabulous, until a heinous car accident mars her face. After thirteen surgeries and losing everything she deemed important, she seeks out the dark forces to salvage her life. Angel decides to conjure the Devil for help, making a deal to recover her beauty.

In exchange for his help, Lucifer forces her to hunt supernatural renegades, which have eluded the pits of Hell. In her quest to find beauty and get out of her contract with Lucifer, Angel stumbles upon love in the arms of a demon.

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About the author

Vivi Dumas submerges herself in the dark underworld of the supernatural. To balance the analytical and logical confines of her day job, she unleashes the fiery passions of her imagination in her writing. Although she grew up an Army brat, she calls Louisiana home, but has endured the hot summers and cold winters of Maryland for the last 16 years.

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