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Book Tour & Giveaway: Meet Mirko from Angeline Kace’s Vampire Born Trilogy

Book Tour & Giveaway: Meet Mirko from Angeline Kace’s Vampire Born Trilogy

by davincikittieJuly 11, 2013

Please help me welcome author Angeline Kace and her sexy hero Mirko!

Mirko and I take our coffees outside to sit on the patio where it’s more private. He’s wearing a dark v-neck t-shirt and light khaki pants. Honestly, I’m kind of giddy meeting him in the flesh.

The wrought iron chairs scrape against the concrete as we slide them out and sit at the umbrella-covered table. We take a sip of our iced mochas before I start in with the interview. “I know things are very busy for you right now, so I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of all the crazy to answer a few questions for me and our readers.”

“My pleasure. You know I always emphasize that no matter how intense life gets, you always have to make time to live it.”

Oh. My. His accent. I want to lick it. “I do. And it’s one of the things I—I mean, we, love about you.” I blush. I’m certain he’s not a stranger to being hit on, but I am the author, and it feels like I’d be crossing some professional line or something.

He grins. “I do what I can.”

It takes a special level of self control to not look him up and down and say, “Yes. Yes, you do.” Again, the professional line thing.

I take another sip of mocha to compose myself. The ice rattles against the plastic cup when I set it back on the table. “That leads me to my first question. You have always been a great guardian and protector over Brooke. What is different for you from protecting Brooke in Descended by Blood and its sequel, Enemy Within?”

Mirko’s eyebrows rise as if the question overwhelms him. “Well, everything. But I’m sure you didn’t bring me out here and buy me coffee for that short of an answer, so let me elaborate.” He chuckles, and it’s manly, and velvety, and his lips are achingly smooth as they arch up. I envy Brooke. I almost want to kill her off so I can have Mirko all to myself.

Professional lines can go to hell.

I smile, and to him, he might think I’m laughing along with him. But really it’s because this idea pleases me. #EvilAuthorForReals

He adjusts in his seat before continuing. “In Descended by Blood, we didn’t know who the enemy was, but we were certain that it wasn’t most of the people we were close with. In Enemy Within, the stakes are higher, and we know the enemy is someone we’re close with, someone possibly in our inner circle. You can’t trust someone, but you’re thrown into a situation where you have to trust those around you. I felt like I had to be everywhere at once. If I missed one tiny look or piece of conversation, it could mean the difference between Brooke living or dying.”

“Hmmm,” I say and nod, because I really don’t want to say anything. I want him to keep talking, for his accent to keep stroking the air so I can swim in it.

When I realize he’s not talking because he’s waiting for me, I improvise the next question. Because, you know, more talking. “I see. And tell me, there is something that comes about in Enemy Within that makes it so you can’t be as open about your feelings with Brooke as you once were. How did you balance always being there, making sure she knew you still loved her, but so that no one else would pick up on it?”

“Cold showers,” he says with a wicked smirk on his face.

I clear my throat. Mirko. Shower. Same thought. Mind. Blown. I clear my throat again. Words evade me.

“And,” Mirko continues, “we did have times when it was only the two of us. And in those times, I wasn’t one to hold back. I made sure she knew enough of where I stood when we were alone that she’d never question it when we weren’t.”

Sigh. This man. I am three heartbeats away from professing my undying love. Pretty sure I’m going to follow him home. And to the grocery store. And the dry cleaners. Pretty much everywhere. #NotCreepy #NotAStalkerIfYouLoveEachOther

Mirko’s phone vibrates across the table, lights flashing as it rings. His ringtone is Flawless by the Neighbourhood. Again, this man! Even his ringtone is sexy. How does he do this!? Of course he’s a supernatural creature. This much umph in one man is just not natural.

“I’m sorry,” Mirko says as he stands. “It’s Ace. I need to take this.”

I nod because how can I tell him no?

“Ace, just a second.” He turns to me. “Angeline, it was a pleasure. Thank you for the coffee. Please give my love to the readers for me.” He offers me one more stunning grin before he turns toward the door and asks Ace if he’s still there.

The loss of his presence leaves me stunned. It’s like looking at the sun and not being able to see for a few seconds after casting your eyes away.

When I finally get my wits about me again, I realize I didn’t follow him out. That was lame of me. I’m upset with myself until I realize I am Oz behind the curtain and get to talk to Mirko whenever I want.

Enemy Within (Vampire Born #2) by Angeline KaceTwo guys who’ve stolen her heart.

Three races and only one of them worthy.

Countless enemies with insatiable bloodlust for power.

Will one girl’s curse ultimately save her?

Half-vampire Brooke Keller barely survived the slaying of her worst enemy, only to learn that Zladislov—the world’s most powerful vampire, leader of the vampire world, and her father — wants her dead. However, this time, she’s not only fighting vampires but a raging monster within her that endangers what’s left of her humanity. And when a deadly disease threatens to take her best friend’s life, Brooke tries to convince Kaitlynn to accept a monster of her own: becoming a Zao Duh.

As a former slave to the Pijawikas, Mirko is driven to protect the innocent at all costs, but he has never faced a foe more formidable than Zladislov. And when the Commission bears down on Brooke, Mirko finds the stream of enemies runs deeper than he ever imagined.

Read an excerpt

Immortality is a lie. It’s something the Pijawikas tell themselves to feel godly. Pijawikas and Zao Duhs don’t age like humans, but we do age and we can die. With Pijawikas directing the Zao Duhs to do their dirty work, the lie that they will never die is a lot easier for them to believe.

Not so for Zao Duhs. Death doesn’t just haunt me. It slaps me in the face, then holds my eyelids open as person after person dies. I’ve watched people I have known, loved, and who didn’t deserve to, die. Pijawikas don’t mind. As long as the person dying is only a Zao Duh or a human, nothing is lost to them.

Brooke is part Pijawikan and instead of them adding her to their list of sacred lives among the chosen, they see her as an abomination—a death sentence deserved. One I can’t allow them to make good on. I’ve fought for and against the Pijawikas, but I have never felt as strongly as I do now about not giving them what they want.

Brooke is innocent, and she holds a place in my heart so deep I didn’t think it existed before I met her. Pijawikas have broken my heart, and broken my body and almost my mind, but I can’t let them harm her. Not this girl.

When she ran out of her father’s house, the look on her face sent a cold chill through my limbs and sinking horror in my gut. Whatever we thought we conquered had come back tenfold.

She was tired and battered, barely able to clean the dirt and blood off her face and change into clean clothes. Even her nap on the plane couldn’t replenish her. Although she still had enough fight in her to make sure we went home and not on the run from her father.

“He’d find us anywhere,” she had said. “Please. I just want to go home and see my mom and Kaitlynn.”

She was right, and the bruised and heart-wrenching look she gave me melted any resistance I would have put forth. I wasn’t prepared to fight this battle. Not against the Head of Pijawikas. We needed resources and a plan. Garwin could provide the recourse. I still had to come up with a good plan, but no matter how creative a solution I could find, I knew my time with Brooke was limited. Zladislov would hunt her down and kill her. Realistically, I couldn’t save Brooke from her father, but I sure as hell had no doubt I would die trying. I knew my days were numbered.

Garwin came out the front door as we made our way up his steps. He met Brooke with open arms, and even though she whimpered a little when he squeezed her tight, the relief on her face was palpable.

“I’m glad you’re all right. I have been so worried about you,” Garwin said as he walked us inside.

Garwin had increased his security since the last time I was there. Strange faces littered the hallway, and a burly man stood by the marble statue. I took note to test his reflexes and agility later. We needed more than to look like a strong force. I needed everyone to deliver when Zladislov arrived.

“Where’s Mom?” Brooke asked as she looked around and eyed the security detail.

“She’s on her way,” Garwin said. “She’s been worried about you. I haven’t told her anything yet, only that you were coming home.” He eased Brooke down on the couch and then took a seat in a large chair by the fireplace. Jaren and I sat on the couch with Brooke across from Garwin. Yes, Jaren was still hanging around. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the kid.

“I understand you had to be discreet while talking to me on the plane, but I can’t wait for Brooke’s mom to get here. What’s going on?” Garwin had a calm demeanor, but I could feel the anxiousness stirring below the surface.

“Zladislov’s my father and he wants to kill me,” Brooke said. She didn’t sound scared, but she did sound hopeless and tired.

“Oh, dear God.” Garwin ran his hand along the outside of his mouth and stood. He walked over to his liquor cabinet and dropped two ice cubes in a glass, then poured his favorite brandy in after. He picked up his glass, swirled the liquid a couple of times and then took a swig. The whole time he stared ahead as if looking at something but seeing nothing. Wherever his mind was, it wasn’t in that room.

I had never seen Garwin speechless before. He always had someone to call or a brilliant idea to offer as a solution.

Brooke tensed. “Garwin? Say something.”

I knew our situation was daunting, but I never expected that eerily distant look in Garwin’s eyes, which only set Brooke further on edge. She was scared but fought to stay awake. Her eyelids grew heavier and heavier with every exhale.

Garwin stared on for a moment longer before he turned to us. “I have a lot to think about and you need to get some rest,” he said, then looked at me. “Will you make sure she gets to her room all right?”

“Of course.” I stood and gently tugged Brooke up by her arm.

She yelped and guilt sliced through me. She was injured and anywhere I touched her I’d cause her pain. However, she didn’t appear to have the strength to get off the couch, let alone climb the stairs to the bedrooms. I bent over and caught her underneath her knees. They buckled with ease and she rested in my arms.

Jaren rose with a scowl on his face and his footsteps sounded behind us. There was a reason Garwin asked me to take Brooke up to her room and not him; I was best suited to handle her.

Brooke’s breathing was rough and deep, full of both exhaustion and pain. I hoped once I laid her down, she would fall asleep and the pain would subside.

I walked as smoothly as I could and paid attention not to jostle her as I climbed the stairs. “Which room?” I whispered to her.

“It’s the second to last door on the right,” Jaren said. I didn’t like the idea of Jaren knowing which room belonged to Brooke.

“Hmph,” I huffed, and Brooke stirred slightly. I wouldn’t make any more of that. Brooke needed to rest, not worry about Jaren and me.

Jaren’s footsteps sped up as he went around us and then turned the doorknob. I paused for a second before entering. A part of me didn’t want to put Brooke down and that side struggled with the part of me that wanted her to be in a painless sleep. The selfish side lost and I moved forward and set her on top of the bed. A content sound escaped her lips, telling me she needed the rest as much or more than I assumed.

“Thanks for carrying her up,” Jaren said, as if I were doing him a favor.

“I didn’t do it for you.” A fuzzy blanket lay at the foot of the bed. I grabbed it and covered Brooke’s arms. She seemed to calm and her breathing became more relaxed.

I kissed her forehead, comforted because she was.

I walked away, but Jaren stepped around me and kissed Brooke on the cheek. Anger and possession flared up inside me. She had yet to choose me, but she was mine. My days with her were numbered and I wasn’t sure how many of them I could deal with this kid trying to one up me. I focused on Brooke to read her response to Jaren’s sign of affection, but there wasn’t one. I expected at least some sort of reaction, even in the slightest, but there was nothing. Almost as if he kissed the cheek of a corpse.

I had seen this before, but I had to make sure. I strode back over to Brooke’s side and shook her shoulder. “Slatki.”


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