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Book Review: Revelation (The Seven Signs #1) by Erica Hayes

Book Review: Revelation (The Seven Signs #1) by Erica Hayes

by dg_mollyAugust 23, 2013

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Luniel is a fallen angel and part of The Tainted Host, a group of other shunned angels with their souls taken and banished from Heaven by Michael the Archangel. Lune is your perfect depiction of “bad boy.”

Black hair, blacker than soot and wilder than music. Blue eyes, hotter and deeper than summer sky, luminous pale skin, long dark lashes any woman would kill for. Arms thicker than her thighs, in a dark shirt with no sleeves, strong wrists that made her weak, hands that could crush rocks. And his thighs in those jeans…long, powerful, rippling as he moved.

That’s only on the outside, though, because believe it or not, this angel is not the hit-it-and-quit-it type. He may not have relationships anymore because of what happened to the last girl he loved, but he still cares for every single one he’s slept with since then. After the discovery of the bay turned to blood and the realization that he hasn’t been able to get ahold of his twin who hasn’t fallen from grace, Luniel is on the hunt for some answers and meets Morgan when he finally tracks his brother down.

And the second angel poured out his vial into the sea, and it became as the blood of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died…– Revelation 16:3

Dr. Morgan Sterling, a junior pathologist who performs autopsies for a living, has just opened a body bag that is full of feathers and has a man with wings in it. Shocked and a little excited, she doesn’t hear the flash appearance of Luniel into the autopsy room.

She must be dreaming. But if this was a dream, surely he’d be wearing white robes and a halo? Instead of all dark and smoldering and…and sinful, like some insane Mardi Gras biker?

Her attraction to Luniel is immediate and definitely reciprocated, but she can never give in. Her past involving the death of her mother, convinced by a religious zealot to commit suicide, has left her an atheist and not very trusting in men, even with the self-imposed dry spell that’s breathing down her neck. Come to find out, the nasty plague running rampant in New Babylon that’s turning everyone into crazed flesh-eating zombies was the first of the seven signs.

The first angel poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon men.

Against his better judgment and for her protection, Luniel agrees to take Morgan with him to find the demon that released the plague. Their hunt is full of visceral demonic fights, blood, gore, and some oh-so-hot sexual tension as they race to figure out if the Apocalypse has really begun. Revelation, I honestly have to say, was a complete shock to me. Not only was the world the author built fantastic, but she incorporated real events that made the story so much more real and somewhat frightening to the reader.

You only had to look at the shining glass spire piercing the sky, one hundred and ten stories high, built back in the wiser days where a pair of ill-fated twin towers once stood.

Combine that with her plausible outlook on what very well could happen to our current government as well as collateral damage with religion and you have a very believable and creep-tastic novel. I also really dug her depiction of all the angels, especially Michael.

Ice-pale hair tousled and damp, glittering glacier-blue wings swept back. The broad, luminous curve of his back flexed, thigh muscles rippling as he fucked whatever it was he had trapped between him and the wall, slow and hard. Boy or girl, human or angel or monster, it didn’t matter to him, and despite what some people thought, no one in heaven gave a damn either. An equal-opportunity slayer of sanity, was Michael.

This book at times can become quite graphic and often very bloody, so if you’re not into that sort of thing I give you fair warning. I, myself, thought it was awwwwesommme!

Memorable Quotes

I love fallen angels…

Dash stared, silent. And then he laughed, humorless shaking his dark head. “Oh, man. Save my life from becoming a bad movie.”
“Dude, your life is already a bad movie. Complete with naked girls and bow-chicka-bow-wow.”

The Tainted Host

“Okay. This could be just coincidence. I’ll call Mike, see if I can get the latest. But only because I like you, Lune. You know that asshole makes me want to punch him.”
“So punch him. What’s he gonna do, shun you again?”
Dash guffawed. “Oh, stop it, you saucy hussy. Don’t tempt me.”

From the mind of an oh-so-dirty fallen angel…

Any man would be tempted by those curving hips, her sinful dark hair, her lickable lips. But it wasn’t just her beauty that made him ache. It was the fir in her eyes. The defiance. The screw you, angel, I don’t believe in you.
Made him want to claim her. Tame her. Lick and plunge and stroke that defiance into fever. Hold her down beneath him and pleasure her until she screamed his name in submission.

If you liked Revelation…

If you liked Revelation and are looking for more kick-ass reads involving sexy fallen angels check out Redemption (The Seven Signs #2) by Erica Hayes, the story of the uptight fallen angel Jaephus, whom we meet in book 1 and how he falls in love with a vampire. Another great series to check out is the Fallen Angels series by J.R. Ward starting with Covet.

Revelation is…

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