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Public Service Announcement: Scam Alert

Public Service Announcement: Scam Alert

by Kenra DanielsSeptember 14, 2011

There is a person out there selling copies of books she has no right to sell. She apparently downloaded books from illegal file sharing sites without paying for them, and yesterday, she was selling copies of the PDF files of the books. And charging $5 to ship a PDF file!?!?

Several of the authors whose books she was selling contacted her site’s host, and made complaints of violations of Terms of Service, and copyright infringement, so the site is down right now. However, we all know that people like this always find another way to continue scamming others. Her site used to be here —> msdivabookstore.yolasite.com <—, but has been taken down.

I’m sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others out there using the same, or similar, scams – though perhaps not on the same scale (this one claimed to have 5000 different titles for sale!). Please be aware that buying Ebooks though E-bay or paying through PayPal does NOT mean the seller has the right to sell you the book (this one actually *bragged* about only taking payment through PayPal, as if she’s *protecting* her victims!). They could be scamming you, selling you stolen property, just like the person mentioned above scammed countless others, and no doubt will do so again.

To protect yourself from this kind of scuzz, purchase your books through actual retailers – there are tons of them – or through the publisher’s or author’s websites. If you’re going to pay for something, be sure the person getting your money is the one who actually has the right to it.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled Smex Beam and G.O.E. worship. Enjoy!

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Kenra Daniels
I write steamy paranormal romance novels featuring weredragons and daywalking vampires. I live in rural eastern Kentucky with my husband of 25 years, our 5 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 snakes. We have one daughter, and three adorable little grandsons. The first novel in my BLOOD DRAGONS series is on submission with several publishers, and I'm working on the second one
  • Scammed
    September 23, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    Really embarrassed to say, but I totally got scammed by this woman. I found her through e-bay. She has an e-bay store that sells “ebooks” and links to that (now dead) bookstore link. I thought that if she had an ebay store and paypal, it must be legit, right? Wrong! I spent $9.99 on a few ebooks and was so excited to see these books available as ebooks as I had only seen them in paper copies.

    Got an email from her with my “purchased ebooks.” They were PDF files! And so very obviously scanned! I was so angry. I deleted them all from computer and reported the site to the author’s website. I reported her to paypal and demanded a refund through paypal’s complaint resolution center since she scammed me. Not expecting to actually get a refund, though. Wasted good money on pirated garbage. At least it was a good lesson to learn, I should have googled the site before I purchased from it. Then I could have seen people complaining about it before I gave my money to this scammer!

    I hope she gets kicked of ebay, too. Is there some way to report her scam to ebay?

    • Kenra Daniels
      September 24, 2011 at 12:58 am

      I’m so sorry this person took advantage of you! Don’t be embarrassed though. Her use of PayPal and eBay made her look above-board – that’s how she was able to scam so many people. Lots of criminals cover themselves with legit businesses and services to fool potential victims. Depending when you purchased the books from her, Googling her may not have revealed what she was doing. She seems to have operated under the radar before authors became aware and drew attention to her.

      I’m not familiar enough with eBay to know their policy regarding such things, but I’m sure they have a way for buyers to register grievances against specific sellers.

      Again, I’m sorry this woman scammed you. Speaking out against such practices is the best way to get revenge, IMO. By letting others know the seller is a scammer, you at least put a dent in their profit margin.


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