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DaVinciKittie talks sex, money, and books with Curiosity Quills

DaVinciKittie talks sex, money, and books with Curiosity Quills

by davincikittieMarch 28, 2012

Sex, money, books… and shoutouts!

Earlier this year, I got an email from Verity at CuriosityQuills.com complimenting me on the GraveTells look and scope, and asking me to do an interview for her new book blogger interview feature.  Not one to turn down an opportunity to get down and chatty, I said “hellz yeah!” and proceeded to send her a ridiculously long and verbose commentary to her interview questions.  I talk a lot in text.  I’m chatty and wordy and, well, you guys already know this.  *grin*  And Verity was a great sport, not editing my little thesis at all when I know she must have been itching to trim some of that fat!  So what did we talk about?  You’re gonna have to go on over there and read it yourself to find out!  I’ll give you a few teases though, to let you know what you’re getting into.  =D

Did you know…?

Our signature interview style is casual-conversational-situational. I know… say whaaaat?! *wink* That means we don’t ask boring, stereotypical questions, and we get down and dirty with the characters in their own environments.

Pssst – go here to see our author/character interviews!

Giving perfect 5-Heart scores is fairly rare on our site (out of over 120+ reviews so far, only 9 books have earned it!), so if you’re looking for a guaranteed good book to read, that list is a great place to start!

See all our Golden Heart perfect score reviews here!

DVK: Favorite author ever: ****

Nope, not giving that one away – go see for yourself!

I absolutely LOVE the Anita Blake graphic novels from Marvel.  The colors are vibrant, the characters look exactly like I expected them to, and the story is perfectly adapted…  They’ve actually inspired me to start reviewing graphic novels on GraveTells, so look for that coming up later this year!

Yep, another new feature, coming up this summer!

The optimistic answer to whether or not the affiliate links may in the future help pay for the site’s upkeep would be “not yet”, but the realistic answer is closer to “fairly unlikely”…  The absolute most important thing with this, though, is never ever alienate your audience by trying to make money.

I hereby vow to keep any ads on this site clean and sparse. Loyal subscribers are worth more than money.  <3  You guys are the best!

The blurb and excerpt are KEY when requesting a review!  If your blurb doesn’t catch my attention in the first 2 sentences, my ADD kicks in and I’m likely to skim the rest, excerpt included…. Make me laugh, turn me on, catch my curiosity!  That’s how to get on the “preferred” list of books up for review.

For all of you who are authors wondering how our selection process is influenced.  😉

People read erotica to be turned on.  People watch porn to be turned on.  The difference is perception.  Men watch porn, women read erotica.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re the same thing and …  I say embrace your sexuality and have some fun with it!

Ready to do some sexuality embracing? Check out our erotica-related posts here.


Shout out time: I can’t pick just one!  Are you guys still awake?  Man, get me started and off I go!  I’ll keep this short and just give a list!  *grin*

Nope, not spilling this one either!  Go look for yourself!  =)

More about Curiosity Quills…

Curiosity Quills is a gaggle of literary marauders with a bone to grind and not enough time for revisions.
We are a collective, creating together, supporting each other, and putting out the best darn tootin’ words this side of Google.
Want sci-fi? Want paranormal? Want horror? Want mystery? Yeah, there’s an app for that.


How about some swag? We haven’t done that in a while and I have some new stuff to give away (thanks to some very generous authors who have been on the blog lately!). So, here’s the deal. Go over to my interview post on Curiosity Quills and leave a comment (leave the comment THERE, not here, although you are welcome to leave one here too. =) ). Be sure to leave your email address there too, so I can track you down! No Rafflecopter this time, just good ole comments. I’ll select a few comments at random and announce the winner later this week, so go go go comment!

Finally, if you didn’t click on the graphic at the top of this post…



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  • Verity Linden (@PublicityPixie)
    March 29, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Great teaser post! It was a really good interview, hope some GT followers check it out, and thanks for taking part! I don’t think I count for the giveaway, sadly 😉 I’m sure someone’s going to walk away from this happy.

  • Sophia Rose
    March 29, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    I do love this site and its style. Congratulations on getting a guest post! Hopping over to check it out now!

  • April 5, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Thanks to Verity for the generous interview opportunity (and for allowing me to prattle on for so long, hah!) and to everyone who commented on the post!

    The winner of the swag is Amber I!

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