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Featured Early Book Review: Summer Moon (Celtic Woves #2) by Jan DeLima

Featured Early Book Review: Summer Moon (Celtic Woves #2) by Jan DeLima

by davincikittieSeptember 9, 2014

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

In some ways, Summer Moon is a coming of age story. While both Luc and Rosa are obviously experienced adults who have lived a very long time and are both powerful in their own rights, neither of them has experienced the kind of love with anyone else that they have with each other, and both face unique challenges in overcoming the ghosts of their pasts.

Insultingly referred to by many of his kind as The Beast of Merin, Luc Black is both a strong alpha and a powerful wolf shifter. Where many of his kind have lost the ability to shift forms over the generations, Luc’s family lines are potent and his deep-rooted loyalty is as much a part of him as his love for a woman who passed away many years ago. He is tactical and decisive, with a strong hand when needed and a gentle heart to lead from.

A rare female shifter desired by many and used as a pawn in power games and politics, Rosa has been a prisoner in her own home and her compassion and care for others manipulated to control her. Her union with Luc takes Rosa through a slow discovery of what it is to truly live life, helping her heal from a lifetime of abuse. The physical connection between Luc and Rosa is deep and solid, and their scenes together are true to both their characters: honest and straightforward, woven with threads of intensity and dominance from both sides.

Delving deeper into Taliesin’s motivations and history was one of my favorite things about Summer Moon. This lonely demi-god has more secrets yet to be revealed and I can’t wait to see how all unfolds. Most of the characters in this series have had a tough life in one way or another, but Sin’s is particularly heartbreaking and his role in this story is powerfully moving.

Find out more about Celtic Moon – the first book in the Celtic Wolves series – here.

Pre-order (or buy, depending on when you’re reading this) Summer Moon on Amazon for paperback or Kindle here.

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