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Early Review: The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

Early Review: The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1) by Julie Kagawa

by Rachel ElizabethApril 2, 2012

Julie Kagawa has done it again! She’s created another intricate, well-developed story with awesome characters. Allie is a kickass heroine, with a take-no-crap attitude. She’s a girl with a tragic past who had to learn how to survive in a cruel, hard world at a young age. She can take of herself, and I love how she’ll stand up to anyone, no matter who they are. But even with the tough-girl persona she has going on, Allie’s still selfless, caring, and vulnerable. Given the world she grew up in, it’s pretty incredible that she can be compassionate. She protects and fights for the people she cares about, even if that means risking herself, which I really admired. She’s just an all-around great character…and also one I would not want to mess with. The girl can wield a katana like no one’s business. And once she becomes a vampire, she becomes even more scary and formidable. I couldn’t help but feel for her when she becomes the thing she despises most, and even though she considers herself a monster once she turns, I think she does a good job adjusting and learning to control the bloodlust. She refuses to be the kind of vampire that humans fear and hate.

I found the plot of the story fascinating, and the Red Lung virus that wiped out a huge number of the human population was interesting to read about. The disease was also responsible for the creation of the rabids, who are vicious, mindless creatures that even vampires want to keep out of their cities. Allie lives in a broken world, and a cure is something the country desperately needs.

The secondary characters were all intriguing, too, especially Kanin and Zeke. Kanin is a mysterious, centuries old vampire, whom I really liked. He’s very closed off and reserved, which made it hard to tell what was going on in his head much of the time, but I didn’t mind that. Even though there were times when he came across as unsympathetic and cold, you know he’s just trying to help Allie and his bluntness was necessary. And then there’s Zeke, Allie’s human love interest. He was so sweet and charming, and I liked that he saw the good in people- I thought that was refreshing. I’m really rooting for him and Allie to find a way to make their relationship work.

With all the vampire books out there right now, it’s hard to find one that really stands out, but I honestly think The Immortal Rules does. It’s much darker and grittier than Julie’s Iron Fey series, and the two series aren’t that similar (aside from the fact that they’re both very good!) I’m definitely invensted in the Blood of Eden novels, and this book was an amazing start to a new series! Oh, and there’s also a fun sneak-peek of the next Iron Fey novel, The Lost Prince, at the back of the the book, for those who can’t wait for Ethan’s story!

Memorable Quotes:

Like I said, the girl’s determined!

“I’m not like them,” I seethed to the darkness, to the coiling thing inside me. “Dammit, I will beat this. Somehow. I will not become a soulless monster, I swear it.”

Um, I agree, Allie… 😉

“They arrived a few hours after we went to sleep. At least that’s what Martha said- after telling me she was washing my unmentionables and I could have them back tomorrow.” He wrinkled his nose. “I think the old woman was trying to come on to me.”
“Okay, I’m just going to erase that image from my brain now. For the record, the words old woman and unmentionables should never be used in the same sentence.”

If you liked The Immortal Rules…

You might want to check out Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. It’s a YA dystopian book, with a great plot and likeable characters.

I also recommend Divergent by Veronica Roth, which is also an excellent YA dystopian novel. Tris is just as badass as Allie!

Rating: The Immortal Rules


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