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Early Book Review: Thane’s Redemption (The Song #1) by Nina Crespo

Early Book Review: Thane’s Redemption (The Song #1) by Nina Crespo

by davincikittieFebruary 24, 2015

This story has a lot of potential. It’s original and creative and features characters you want to get to know better. Unfortunately, it’s simply far too short. The romance moves so quickly at first that it feels forced, or like maybe the reader isn’t getting the whole picture. Likewise, the characters (initially) aren’t very well developed – not enough to carry the depth of emotion the story wants to portray, anyway. The time-traveling premise, while intriguing, really needs to be better explained and more organically demonstrated.

There are moments of real, strong emotional connections and then, shortly after, the pace skips too far ahead. After Thane and Celine’s night together, I remember thinking “this feels really fast”, then looking down to see that half the book had already passed. The second half flowed much better, but when the story ended, I was left with more questions… Is this part of a series (it is, I now know)? What about Reid? What’s the real deal with Dalir? Did Thane have any trouble getting to the right future timeline? How the can they only jump forward in time yet still go “back” to their “current” timeline?

I would really like to see this story expanded from its current 25k word count into a full-length novel, fleshed out into the epic, emotional journey it so clearly aspires to be; this could easily move my “meh” rating up to a “wowzers”! Thane’s Redemption feels like a story that is close to the author’s heart but has been cut and spliced to force it into a publisher’s requirement for a shorter word count… which is (if true) is a real shame and is purely speculation on my part. As it is today, Thane’s Redemption – if priced appropriately – is quick enough to be worth the read but may leave you with more questions than it answers. Hopefully we’ll see more from this crew – and promising new author – in the future… pun totally not intended but I’ll take it, hah!

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If you – like me – were attracted to this story by the triple threat of time-travelling badass warriors who are swoon-worthy rock gods, you might like Tracy Cooper-Posey’s Kiss Across Time series. It’s a menage story between two male warrior vampire lovers and their human female as they travel through time to fix the ripples they accidentally caused and preserve their ever-changing future together. The men play in a wildly successful metal band and the woman is an anthropologist & linguist able to adapt to their historical time periods. The author takes great care in detailing the places they travel to and it’s clear she has a love for world history and the study of cultures that lived and died long ago.

You can order (or pre-order) Thane’s Redemption on Amazon here. It is currently scheduled for release on March 3, 2015.
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