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Early Book Review: Celtic Moon (Celtic Wolves #1) by Jan DeLima

Early Book Review: Celtic Moon (Celtic Wolves #1) by Jan DeLima

by davincikittieSeptember 11, 2013

*** This review is spoiler-free! Read on with confidence! ***

My very first impression from the start of this book was that this was going to be an exciting, high quality story and with every page turned, that was proven as fact. Ms DeLima’s style is lyrical and flowing with strong elements of character development and skillfully unraveling history and plotlines, with that extra je nais se quoi that makes some stories so compelling. I was immediately taken by Dylan’s dominance, power, and restraint and conversely, with Sophie’s determination, cleverness, and sheer bravery. Joshua, their son, is immediately likable and someone I’d have love to have spent time mooning over as a teenager.

Celtic Moon is a unique blend of shifter lore, Arthurian legend, and ancient Celtic myth. The Celtic Wolves series is one of the more original and compelling story universes I’ve read in the paranormal romance genre, and the plot unfolds with dignity and intense loyalty. In a space so crowded with copycat shifter fiction, Ms. DeLima has crafted a community that feels like home yet still challenges and motivates its characters.

Memorable Quotes

And so it begins…

Another war was inevitable.
The Katahdin territory, his territory, had remained spoiled over the years by human progress – due to his calculated precautions. Nature thrived in untouched glory, raw and powerful, a precious achievement during these modern times.
An achievement his enemies coveted.

Fear and love are powerful motivators. Fear FOR your loved ones is the ultimate…

Within a month she could load bullets in the dark, because she practiced every night. Within six months, as long as the target was in range of her vision, moving or stationary, it didn’t matter, she never missed her shot. Never.

I’m not sure if that’s a threat or an invitation…

“Sophie…” His knuckles turned white around the doorknob, and the wooden door gave a groan as if too much pressure had been applied. He released his hand and stepped into the hallway. “This room is yours,” he said through the open doorway, putting space between them. “I want you to feel safe here. I’ll not disturb you or come to you at night. But you need to remember that I’ve been sixteen years without my mate. I’ll do my best to keep my distance until you’re ready to accept me.” His voice took on a sensual timber, full of dark promise. “However, the next time you stare at my mouth as you’ve just done… I will use it upon you.”

Okay, this is definitely an invitation…

“Why must you always assume something is wrong? I was just inquiring about my son.”
Taken aback, Sophie tilted her head toward Tucker. “Oh, I don’t know… maybe because I never know what to expect when I’m around you.”
“Maybe you should be around me more often then,” he replied with sexual undertones that set her cheeks aflame.

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