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Early Book Review: Beyond Innocence (Beyond #6) by Kit Rocha

Early Book Review: Beyond Innocence (Beyond #6) by Kit Rocha

by davincikittieMay 11, 2015

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Dallas O’Kane is stepping up his game, and not every O’Kane under his command now wears the ink. When you’re spying for Sector Four right in the heart of Eden’s elite, you can’t afford to be marked, and Jared understands that better than anyone. Jared has always been close with Ace–they go way back as friends, lovers, associates–and will do anything to protect him, including retiring from his longtime role as a high-end prostitute and taking on the much more dangerous task of charming and maneuvering a swath through the shining city’s volatile politics.

Jared tilted his head again. “You don’t know.”
Shame at her own ignorance was another feeling she was having to get used to. “Whatever it is, I’m afraid I don’t.”
“I’m sorry, I assumed someone would have told you.” He shrugged. “That’s my job—pleasing the ladies of Eden. I’m a whore.”

Lili only knows life as a trophy wife in Sector Five, but all of that changes when she meets Jared. Suddenly the woman who drugged herself into numb oblivion to escape the violence of her life can’t run from all the ways Jared and the O’Kanes make her feel. And she doesn’t want to.

With Lili, he didn’t have to be perfect. He just had to be Jared.

I mean really, who would turn down the sensual, powerful, mysterious man who knows more secrets—the deep, dark secrets of powerful people as much as those of their bodies—than anyone else in the Sectors? Official O’Kane or under-the-radar spy, Jared has some titillating connections to the gang that make a virgin trophy wife’s eyes pop wide open. Voyeuristic moments with the O’Kanes—that we’re used to (and have I thanked Kit Rocha for that today? Oh lovely authors, how you make us want!)—but getting a deeper look inside the Ace-Rachel-Cruz trinity is the real treat.

I also loved how Lili is the first heroine to take on domestic tasks, not as a job or because she has to, but because she wants to. She craves cooking, providing for others in a way that she alone is uniquely qualified. She doesn’t need to kick anyone’s ass or make a working living outside the compound, but she does feel the compulsion to earn her place, and she goes about that in a way none of the other leading ladies thus far have been able to.

[Dallas] had a bigger army now. Ad if he was going to win this game without turning into as big a monster as Mac Fleming, he had to cultivate more than one kind of battlefield—and more than one kind of strength.

As with every other Beyond series story so far, Beyond Innocence is a hedonistic, voyeuristic ride, this one driving us through the brotherhood of Sector Four’s ruling O’Kanes right into the heart of Eden’s corrupt politics. If dystopian snares your attention… if menage draws you in… if erotica gets you hot, and you haven’t read the Beyond series yet, you must start immediately! The first book is Beyond Shame. Read it. Love it. Swoon over the O’Kane fight nights and private parties, then drool for more right along with the rest of us!

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  • May 20, 2015 at 9:19 am

    I so adore this series. And if anyone has been on the fence about trying this series, I am hosting giveaways for it, one of which is the first three books as a bundle. I hope this isn’t too spammy, but I swear I just want to share the love.

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