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Early Book Look, Reviewer’s Take: Rachel Elizabeth on Nalini Singh’s Rock Addiction

Early Book Look, Reviewer’s Take: Rachel Elizabeth on Nalini Singh’s Rock Addiction

by Rachel ElizabethAugust 24, 2014

GraveTells loved this book so much, we decided to post double reviews of it: one from DaVinciKittie and one from Rachel Elizabeth.

Check out DaVinciKittie’s here, then leave us comments with your thoughts too!

*** This review is spoiler-free! Read on with confidence! ***

When Nalini Singh announced Rock Addiction, I couldn’t contain my excitement. First off, it’s Nalini Singh. Then you add a book about a hot rock star into the mix? I was totally down for that. I’m happy to say that I loved Rock Addiction and especially Fox.

When Molly sees famous rock star and lead singer of Schoolboy Choir, Zachary Fox, across the room at a party, she is instantly attracted to the man who’s captured the hearts of women everywhere with his stunning looks and sinful voice. Molly figures there’s no way he’ll even notice her presence, but when Fox approaches her on her way out of the party, he makes it clear he’s done more than notice her. He wants Molly, and though Molly has never had a one night stand, one thing leads to another…and Molly finds herself in bed with a rock star that tempts her into wanting things she knows she can never have.

Rock Addiction had a very New Adult feel, which I liked. Molly is 24, but was forced to grow up at a young age after a scandal involving her father. The incident left emotional scars that cause her to be hesitant about being involved with someone like Fox who is constantly in the spotlight. Molly is intimately familiar with the spotlight, and it’s a place that she never wants to be again. This poses a problem for Fox, as he knew he wanted to keep Molly soon after they met. Fortunately, Fox is a persuasive man, and falling for him is something Molly never stood a chance of resisting.

Rock Addiction also happens to be steamier than Nalini’s other books, another thing I was happy to discover. And Molly, though she had her insecurities and moments of jealousy, really fought for her relationship with Fox. In so many New Adult books, the heroines run away and end things over stupid misunderstandings, something that frustrates me to no end. Though there was certainly drama, Molly communicated with Fox and let him know what bothered her, making me like her that much more. When she finally decided to take the leap with him, she was all in, and I loved that. As for Fox, he was exactly what I want in an H. A possessive, devoted, protective, and sexy Alpha male with his own heartbreaking past (seriously, when I read it I wanted to cry for him and then hug him.)

Sexy, steamy, and emotional, Rock Addiction is a great start to what is sure to be a kickass new series from Nalini Singh. I can’t wait for rest of the books to release (especially Noah, I am dying for his story, hopefully with Kathleen!) Oh and Nalini, perhaps we could get a book or a novella for T-Rex and Charlotte? That seems like a fun story, right there. So if tattooed bad boy rock stars are up your alley, you’ll want to check out Rock Addiction.

Memorable Quotes


“You know when you get the whisper of a melody in your head, or the murmur of a song? And you have the gut feeling that if you could just hear the rest of it, just capture the music”-the need an ache as frustrating as it was piercing-“you’d have something fucking amazing?”
Noah nodded.
“Yeah well, that’s what it feels like with Molly.” The most compelling whisper of his life.

I love a guy who knows what he wants

“I’m not a man who gives up when I want something, and I want you, Molly. Under me, on top of me, with your luscious mouth on my co-”
Damp heat between her thighs, she pressed her fingers against his lips.


Noah wolf-whistled when he saw her ten minutes and a quick touch-up later, and suddenly she was being hauled to his side, one muscular arm around her waist.
“Forget about that schmuck,” he said, motioning at Fox. “Don’t you know blonds do everything better?”

You can pre-order (or buy, depending on when you read this review) Rock Addiction on Amazon here!

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