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ARC Review: West of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi #2) by Laura Kaye

ARC Review: West of Want (Hearts of the Anemoi #2) by Laura Kaye

by davincikittieJuly 16, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Caught in a freak summer storm out sailing to scatter her brother’s ashes, Ella nearly loses everything. Realizing his horrible mistake and feeling overwhelmingly guilty for unintentionally harming this lovely, mysterious human with his crippling grief, Zephyros takes Ella’s healing into his own hands. It isn’t long before Ella is caught in the middle of an ancient feud between gods, and one if them won’t be happy until someone dies. West of Want is a GraveTells “must read”!

  • Title: West of Want
  • Series: Hearts of the Anemoi, book #2
  • Author: Laura Kaye
  • Prominent Characters: Zephyros, Ella
  • Recommended Reader Age: 17+
  • Genre(s): paranormal romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


Zephyros is the Supreme God of the West Wind, Guardian of Spring, and one of the four Cardinal Anemoi. If you read North of Need and remember Father-of-Time-resembling Boreas, Zeph is his brother. No minor deity here, and his power alone is something to admire. Kind and passionate, Zeph is the kind of man who loves with all his soul, even when he thinks it might end in heartache. He is both gentle and fierce, and so accustomed to hurt and betrayal that he lives a stark, solitary existence… until he meets Ella, that is.

Ella is a sweetheart who has lost everyone she ever cared about and just wants to make a positive difference where ever she can. She doesn’t have any delusions of grandeur. Wholesome and reserved, determined and enthusiastic, Ella is the perfect match for Zeph. And boy do they have chemistry!

There are more private moments between Ella and Zeph than we got to see between Owen and Megan, so all you PNR fans will be happy to know that, and the scenes never get boring or repetitive. Laura Kaye writes extremely strong character relationships, makes you really feel their passion and experience their energy, and the first time Ella and Zeph get together? Gold. Pure hot, steamy, sweaty gold!

I practically bawled my way through North of Need, so the bar was set pretty high for this one. While i wasn’t as blown away emotionally as i was with Owen’s book, West of Want had some serious heart and just when I thought things were starting to get formulaic, the plot sprinted off in a different direction. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the non-romance portion of this story arc just yet.

Memorable Quotes

Crazy in luuurve, maybe…

Ella’s head was spinning, but not from the head injury. Because, of course, the odd, beautiful stranger sleeping in her bed had, uh…healed her…with a magic light that shot out of his hands.
Uh huh. That didn’t sound crazy and delusional at all.

Could this man be any more perfect? Seriously.

Shaking her head, she gingerly prodded the skin above the toenail. The flow of blood already slowed. “I’ve never understood why something so small hurts so bad. Seems like a design flaw to me.” She gave him a shy smile.
Zeph met her gaze, held it. “I don’t see a single, solitary flaw.”
Blushing, she ducked her head.

I love it when I learn fun trivia in romance books!

April 1st. April Fool’s Day. The origins of that day lay in the medieval derision toward those who failed to adjust to the new calendar. Adherence to the old ways was met with tricks and pranks meant to tease and instruct. Those who didn’t learn were deemed April’s fools.

I can think of somewhere else Zeph can “poof” himself…

“The freaking Internet was right. Holy shit, Wikipedia was right.” She started pacing the short length of hall between where he blocked the stairs and the office door. “A god. A god. I can’t believe it. Well”—she chuckled, a slightly hysterical sound—“I can believe it. I mean, come on, light comes out of your hands, and you healed me, and you poofed in here.”
He quirked an eyebrow. “Poofed? I don’t poof.”
She stopped, as if just noticing him again. “Well, what do you call it?”
“Uh…materializing? I guess. I don’t really call it anything.”

Be still my heart!

Zeph came to her then, sank down onto his knees before her. Big hands rested gently on her shins. “It would leave me with you, Marcella Raines. You, who have opened my heart again to love, brought warmth and light into my existence once more, who have believed in me in ways I haven’t known in eons. I would be with you. And it would be enough. It would be everything.”

*fans self*

“Zeph?” Ella rasped. His gaze lifted from where they were joined. She raised her hands above her head. “You better hold them out of the way so I don’t forget. I don’t want to hurt you…”
He groaned, all his calming effort undone. But he fucking loved her idea. “This pleases you, love? My restraining you?”
Her cheeks went red but she nodded. “Yeah.”
Caressing the flushed skin with his knuckles, he kissed her. “Don’t ever be embarrassed about what you need, Ella, what you like. I will give you anything you ever want.” He gripped her crossed wrists in his left hand. “Gods, I have to move in you.”

If you liked West of Want…

If you enjoyed West of Want and haven’t yet read the first book in the series, North of Need, you absolutely must read it! The story of Owen, who appears briefly in West of Want, and Meghan is an emotional rollercoaster and one of the most memorable stories I’ve ever read. It was named as one of our 2011 Books of the Year and one of our Five Books from 2011 You Absolutely Must Read, AND received our elusive Golden Heart perfect score award with a rating of 5/5 Hearts. Read all about North of Need in our review here.

If you like Laura Kaye’s style, you might also enjoy the works of Hailey Edwards and Rosalie Lario. Check out our reviews for the first book in Hailey’s Aranae Nation series, A Hint of Frost, and Everlong the first in her Daughters of Askara series. A Hint of Frost was one of our Reviewer Top Picks for April 2012. Of course, you won’t want to miss Rosalie’s Demons of Infernum series, starting with Blood of the Demon. Rosalie was named as our Debut Author of the Year for 2011! Both these fantastic authors join Laura Kaye in a class of their own. Their stories make you laugh, cry, and love, and their characters have depth, honor, and that intangible “it” factor that keeps you coming back for more.

Final Thoughts:

Laura Kaye either has a giant stash of super secret sauce or is simply a master at her craft, because just about every book I’ve read from her to-date has been a homerun, the Hearts of the Anemoi stories especially so. The characters have depth, the plots are compelling, and the sexual tension is nearly unmatched. Not many authors can take a couple who has never met before and have them itching to jump each others bones within a few days so effectively that you feel more eager than they do.

This second installment in the Hearts of the Anemoi brings back some old friends, and gives us glimpse into the drama and family ties between the other gods. In true Laura Kaye fashion, all the characters are unique and entertaining. If i wasn’t already hooked on this series, meeting Chrysander would definitely prime my interest in the sunny, aggressive Supreme God of the South Winds. West of Want is a GraveTells “must read”!

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Rating: West of Want


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  • July 17, 2012 at 10:54 am

    North of Need ROCKED! Not surprised to hear Laura knocked it out of the park again with West of Want. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing the great review and those fantastic quotes!!

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