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ARC Review: Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum #3) by Rosalie Lario

ARC Review: Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum #3) by Rosalie Lario

by davincikittieNovember 29, 2011

TLDR recap:

A half-angel, half-demon ripped away from his family as a child, Ronin swore off all attachments so he’d never have to experience that kind of loss again.  Now, after one devastating (and nearly deadly) night with the mysterious Amara, she’s all he can think about.  Amara, the most exquisite succubus enslaved to the conniving and power-hungry incubus Asmodeus, believes she has killed the only man who ever truly interested her, a worthy man with a family who loved him and a purpose for good in life.  When Ronin and his brothers realize that his would-be killer isn’t dead afterall, the race to save Amara from Asmodeus’ clutches and to disrupt his nefarious plans is on.  Steamy and heartfelt, Touch of the Angel is a “must read”!

  • Title: Touch of the Angel
  • Series: Demons of Infernum – book #3
  • Author: Rosalie Lario
  • Prominent Characters: Ronin & Amara, Dagan, Taeg, Keegan
  • Recommended reader age: 16+
  • Sexual content level: moderate


*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***



Ms. Lario excels at portraying heartfelt emotion, crystal clear and strong.  Whether it’s a steamy love scene or abuse and torture or a night of drinking and a good ole bar brawl, the relationships between her characters feel so real and the scenes in her books have such punch, it’s like it’s happening to you.  Touch of the Angel is gratifyingly true to form and runs the gamut of emotions from lust to love to greed to jealously to fear to anger, making the reader feel as if it’s all real and personal.

One of my favorite things about Rosalie Lario’s writing is that she writes each character as a unique individual, without bleeding language, behavior, or literary terms from one to another even when writing in third person point-of-view.  The men don’t sound prissy (even in their thoughts) and the women aren’t all the same boring cookie cutter protagonist.  That’s one of the things that sets the good writers apart from the great writers- such attention to detail that the reader can completely get lost in the story without having to interpret or re-read anything that feels out of character.

Ronin and Amara are scorching hot. Their steamy scenes are plentiful and inventive and never get boring.  Just when you wonder how the next tryst could possibly top the last, it does… with flair.  Amara is gorgeous and stunningly sexy, to be expected considering her succubus heritage, with an soft core of vulnerability and self-doubt… and her body is toxic to Ronin, making for some serious romantic buildup and creative love scenes.  She’s also both strong and submissive, allowing Ronin to be tender yet dominant and aggressive with her without coming off as overbearing or macho.  Yum, yum, yum!

Ronin is an angel-demon hybrid, with retractible wings that are beautifully full and broad and white with a large span.  I don’t know about you, but when I think about human-sized wings, like what you’d see on a real angel (particularly a male angel), I don’t picture dainty little bird wings or glittery fairy wings; I picture muscles and tendons and bones to frame a magnificent set of feather-covered appendages that are as to-scale and as natural as any other limbs.  Many of the contemporary images out there, whether photo manipulation or original sketch, picture big manly men with these little wings that don’t even drag the ground.  How are wings like that going to lift him off the ground?!  Do a quick search on Google or DeviantArt for “male angel wings” and see what I mean.  Ronin is well over 6′ tall, and Ms. Lario does not jip him in the measurements department (for wings… and other things too… *grin*).  So THANK YOU for that!  This is the only series I’ve read, besides Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter books, that describe their hero’s wings realistically.  If you want to see angel wings done right, Ms. Singh and Ms. Lario have the goods!  Now I challenge all you graphic artists to bring it to the screen so we can appreciate it visually as well as in our heads!  Okay, I’m stepping off the soapbox now. *grin*

The brothers spend more time together “on screen” in this one than in Mark of the Sylph and it’s great to experience more of ther camaraderie and bond.  Taeg reminds me a little of Jag from the feral warrior series (and my favorite Feral, by the way).  A little hotheaded, unconventional, and reactive with a streak of loyalty a mile wide, he’s never a bore to read about.  The little moments between Keegan & Brynn and Taeg & Maya had me reminiscing about the previous books in the series and reminded me again why I enjoy these characters so much.

The action scenes are honest and viscerally satisfying, yet not over the top or glorifyingly bloody or horrific – just right for the tone of these novels.  We also get a tantalizing glimpse into the next book, teasing a storyline that promises to be as engrossing and diabolically entertaining as the previous three.  A prickly, reluctant, kick-butt heroine with a badass fighter-trained supe is my favorite kind of PNR.


Memorable quotes:

Starting things off right, with a heartfelt dedication…

“To force or demand love is to kill the gift.  That love is empty unless it is freely given.”


I always look forward to the t-shirts…

Dagan sat on the couch, wearing boxers and a T-shirt that showed a hand with the middle three fingers up.  Below the image were the words: Read between the lines

How charming.



Dagan, Taeg, Reiver, and Bram sat at the small table on one endof the large room, playing cards to pass the time.

“What did the mother maliki say to her newborn child?”  Taeg laid one of his cards on the table.

Dagan examined his hand before dropping a card next to Taeg’s.  “What?”

“Nice to eat you. Get it?”


Who says love can’t overcome all?

“Good night.”  She turned to leave.  What was going on?  How had he offended her?

“Wait.”  He grabbed her wrist.  The metal of her bracelet cooled at his touch, practically freezing his fingers.  Icy pain snaked up his arm, prompting him to wrench his hand away.  Strange.  He curled his fingers into his palm and shook off the sensation.  “What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”  Her lush lips curved into a sad smile.  She traced her fingers across his lips.  “You did everything right.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

Amara shook her head.  “You seem like a good person. Decent. And that means you’re not my type. Sorry.”


If you liked Touch of the Angel of the Demons of Infernum series…

If you enjoyed Touch of the Angel for the close family ties and little moments of humor, alongside the stellar action and romance, check out Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series (starting with Halfway to the Grave) and Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors (starting with Desire Untamed).  Cat & Bones are a kick-ass team with fiery chemistry, riveting escapades, and family & friends bound tighter than blood.  The Ferals are the hottest hunky shapeshifters this side of the Potomac and are constantly banding together to fight off one impending calamity after another… when not keeping their women busy with their unique personalities and other *ahem* skills.

If you liked Touch of the Angel for its handsomely capable angel hero, you might also enjoy Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, starting with Angel’s Blood.  Like Ronin, these angels have full, powerful wings and personalities to match.  The action is gritty and the romance is steamy.


Final thoughts:

I absolutely love these brothers!  It’s a shame there are only four of them (plus a novella!), because I could read about this family for many books to come!  If you haven’t checked out the Demons of Infernum series, you must must must put these books on your “to read” list, and move ’em right up to the front.  Each of the brothers is sexy and magnetic in his own way, and their ladies are elegant, scrappy, and determined… ideal pairings for these addicting books.  Ronin, Amara, and the brothers will have you squirming in your seat, laughing, holding your breath, and pleading for more!

Buy this book in paperback!  The $15.99 price tag might seem steep, but the cover is gorgeous and this is a series that will earn a permanent spot on your bookshelf.


Rating: Touch of the Angel



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Thanks to Rosalie Lario for providing this advanced review copy!  All reviews on GraveTells are written without compensation and represent the reviewer’s true opinion.

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  • Sophia Rose
    November 29, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    I have not read this series yet so your review has really influenced me to get them onto the TBR pile.

    Thanks for posting!

    • November 29, 2011 at 10:32 pm

      It’s really a great series. I found it through NetGalley, and thought “hey, I’ll give it a shot”. The title made me hesitate a little (I didn’t know what a “sylph” was and couldn’t pronounce it well) but once I started reading, I was immediately hooked. I haven’t read book one, but I hear book 2 is better (it’s REALLY good!), so you’re safe to start there… you’ll just spoil the story of the first.

      I wish more of the books I read were as good as Rosalie Lario’s. Her writing and storytelling is superb.

      Thanks so much for commenting! Let me know how you like it!

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