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ARC Review: Eversworn (Daughters of Askara #3) by Hailey Edwards

ARC Review: Eversworn (Daughters of Askara #3) by Hailey Edwards

by Buffy KennedyJune 25, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Isabeau finds herself in over her head in a scheme that will cost her all the bridges she’s built, but it would all be worth it to have her child back in her arms and free. Dillon is left in charge of the colony while Harper and Emma visit Maddie and Clayton on Earth, and while his leg is better, he still struggles with it, as well as his time spent with Isabeau. Dillon’s mating change is upon him, but is it for the Evanti Isabeau is believed to be, and can he overcome his past and present before his fears get the best of him? Eversworn is a must-read!

  • Title: Eversworn
  • Series: Daughters of Askara Book 3
  • Author: Hailey Edwards
  • Prominent Characters: Dillon & Isabeau
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Sexual Content Level: Moderate

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


With every book in the series, Hailey Edwards just keeps raising the stakes! Isabeau’s got a few big secrets I never imagined and Dillon’s got his own secret, as well as a darker past than I’d guessed. The combination makes for an emotional investment from the reader at the very beginning without ever letting go.

In addition to getting to know these two characters that we’ve really barely met in the previous books, we also see more magic in this one. Now I’ve read stories with magic in them, but this one is very fascinating because it’s neat to see magic portrayed as a living, sentient thing. We really get to learn about the progression of magic use and its corruption.

Eversworn is well paced with consistent development either in the story or the romance at all times, making for a late night read because you just can’t bear to put it down.

Memorable Quotes:

Dillon is a little…different.

I was about to ask where his differences lay, when a flicker of motion by his ankle widened my eyes. Was that, “A tail?”

“Figures you’d notice that first,” he said gruffly.

“It’s a very nice tail.”

Kids say the darnedest things…

The second he cleared the door, Brielle squealed. “He has a tail.” She gasped. “And horns.”

Brielle hit the floor and circled him, prodding at his wings and sliding her hand down his tail as she went. When she finished, she stopped before him and curtsied…with his tail in hand.

“I think he’s a dragon. He’s a real one, like the ones in storybooks, the ones who eat princesses.” She informed him, “You won’t eat me. Mother wouldn’t like that.”

If you liked Eversworn…

If you enjoyed Eversworn, make sure you check out book 1 and 2 in the series, Everlong and Evermine, if you haven’t already. Even when we first meet our Isabeau and Dillon in book 2 we can see there’s going to be a story there, and what a story it is! All the references and ties in this book begin in those first two, and are worth the read to get the complete story.

Final Thoughts:

Eversworn takes you even deeper into the realm of Askara and presents more characters to fall in love with. It’s a story of overcoming a dark past, learning to trust, learning about the person you are at your core, and fighting for love. If you’re a fan of fantasy romance, you must go read this!

Rating: Eversworn

A Must Read

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