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April 1, 2016

Goodbye boring email, hellooooo pret-ty! *oooh aaaah* #SubscriberUpdate

GraveTells emails just got a major facelift, woo! Whether you've been a subscriber for five years (if so, OMG I <3 u so hard!!) or have just joined the gang, you'll notice a substantial difference in your GraveTells daily subscriber emails starting either today or tomorrow. Some of you randomly get to be my unwitting test monkeys, so thanks in advance for that. *grin* Here's what you need to know! I want you to keep receiving GT emails and *fingers crossed* you want to keep seeing GT during your morning inbox check. So here's a very quick and easy to-do list to make sure you don't miss a word! And, major bonus, this new format also means that you can customize your email [...]
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December 29, 2014

What’s up with – and next for – GraveTells & DaVinciKittie

A biiig hello to all my gorgeous readers!

Warning: Wall-o-text imminent!

If you’re a long-time reader of GraveTells, you’ve probably noticed a more sedate pace for 2014 than in my previous years as a review site. Most simply put, life happened and GT had to take a back seat to some other important goings-on… sadly. I mean that, too – the “sad” part. Any of you out there who are review bloggers – or just starting to feel your way into the blogosphere on the other side of the keyboard – know how unrelenting (and, at times, thankless) it can be to keep up a site like this, and maybe you’ve also thought about quitting a time or [...]

Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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"Thank you so much for the wonderful review, DVK! While I’m delighted you loved the book, I always enjoy your reviews, positive or negative, because you go into detail and give me a different perspective from when I was writing it. Plus, when you enjoy it to the point that you recall favorite scenes and quotes, it gives me the chance to recall my own favorite moments in the book (wink). Thank you again!" ~ author Joey W. Hill
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