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January 28, 2012

ARC Review: A Devil named Desire (Devil’s Bargain #2) by Terri Garey

Hope finds herself between the Devil and a super sexy angel who happens to go by the name Gabriel (Yeah, THAT Gabriel) when she makes the mistake of losing her way and flirting with the dark side. The Devil gives her a book and instructions follwed by a threat that would make even the staunchest woman soak her starched under britches and go looking for the first train outta Dodge. Thankfully she's got a friend on the side of light to pull her back, wrap her up in too-sexy-to-be-human arms, and lead her into a place filled with rekindled faith, plenty of desire, and the healing power of lurve. A Devil Named Desire is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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December 8, 2011

Review: Dead Girls Are Easy (Nicki Styx Book 1) by Terri Garey

When Nicki Styx wakes up in the hospital, the last thing she's expecting is a super hottie of a doctor and a new ability to go along with her near death experience. She just wants to get home and back to work in her vintage clothing store with her best friend Evan, maybe get a date with Dr. Joe, and move on with her life. But when a friend who was dabbling in voodoo dies and asks her for help, her world gets turned upside down and shaken, not stirred. Dead Girls Are Easy is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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November 30, 2011

GraveTells November 2011 Book of the Month & Reviewer’s Choice Awards

After introducing the GraveTells Book of the Month award in September and the Reviewer’s Choice award in October, we have even more winners for your “must read ASAP” pile from November!
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November 23, 2011

Review: Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey

Faith McFarland has just been approached by someone she never thought she'd be seeing in her wildest dreams. An incredibly sexy, dangerous man who dangles the ripe shiny fruit of temptation in front of her with a simple request: seduce Finn Payne, rock god and sex on a stick while retrieving a little something in exchange for her son's life. The cost? Her soul, and quite possibly her heart. This is a GraveTells Must-Read!
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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