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October 29, 2017

Perfect Gravity (Tether #2) by Vivien Jackson #BookReview #cyberpunk

Author Vivien Jackson plunges readers back into her wildly original cyberpunk Tether series in book #2, Perfect Gravity. The tech in this story world is uber cool. Like geek out cool. Where else do you see a "vintage tesla" referred to as an "old-timey car"? Perfect Gravity is a GraveTells Romance Recommended Read—fans of gritty science fiction romance and high-concept tech with an urban dystopian feel will love this book and this series.
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September 20, 2017

Star Hero (Star series #4.6) by Susan Grant #BookReview #SciFiRomance

This SciFi romance is packed with emotions and flies full throttle right out of the space dock. Susan Grant's Star Hero may be a novella, but it is not short on style or excitement. I can't imagine how anyone could put this book down after the first two scenes! A GraveTells Top Pick and a must-read for fans of science fiction romance.
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April 13, 2017

Escape Velocity (Valiant Knox #1) by Jess Anastasi #BookReview #ScifiRomance

Nearly a year and a half ago, Commander Kai Yang was captured and taken as a POW. His crew believe him dead, so when he escapes his dreadful prison and is picked up by a rescue team, no one is more surprised than Dr. Sacha Dalton, his lifelong friend. Kai clearly suffers from PTSD, even if he refuses to admit it, and there are some lines Sasha shouldn't cross, even if she does feel more for her wounded friend than she did for even his best friend—her husband. But more is brewing on the Valiant Knox than the storm between Sasha and Kai. Will Kai be able to regain the trust of his friends and crew before it's too late? Escape Velocity is one of those stories that is straight-up great, no [...]
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April 10, 2017

Wanted & Wired (Tether #1) by Vivien Jackson #BookReview #ScifiUrbanDystopian #CyberpunkRomance

Straight up, you won't find many stories like Wanted & Wired in the romance market right now, although I wouldn't be surprised if the Tether story universe inspires a thriving new cyberpunk romance sub-genre. This story is steeped in diversity—racial, bio-mechanical, sexual, sub-genre—you name it, and Wanted & Wired just might have it. Readers who fancy the sci-fi and fantasy greats—Han Solo, Captain Mal, Isaac Asimov... you get the picture—will lust after this snarky, femme-strong romance that simply cannot be categorized by genre boundaries.
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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