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February 13, 2015

Book Review: Finding Lacey Moon (Hope Falls #1) by Donya Lynne

You may know the name Donya Lynne from her bestselling paranormal series All the King’s Men—which has become one of my personal favorite vampire romance series—but you may not have seen her contemporary romances yet, and they are every bit as good.

Finding Lacey Moon is the first book in a series about the people of Hope Falls, a small tight-knit community which is home to almost-star football player Scott McCord and his daughter Savannah. When Lacey, snowboarding champion and two-time Olympic superpipe gold medalist, needs a place to escape to and re-evaluate her life, she lands in Hope Falls. The romance between Scott and Lacey, a.k.a. Mattie, is adorably sweet and [...]

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November 3, 2013

Book Tour and Giveaway (US/Int): Author Donya Lynne dishes the dirt with the mates of her AKM hottie vamps

Please help us welcome author Donya Lynne of the All the King’s Men paranormal romance series, and the mates of her vampire hotties! In honor of the release of Return of the Assassin, Book 5 in the All the King's Men Series, I thought it would be fun to interview some of the characters from the first five books of the series and get the lowdown on what's up with their mates. You know, get them to tell their secrets, reveal intimate details, and all around dish the dirt on their hot and smexy mates. But before I start, I want to thank GraveTells for having me here. I love making a stop on GraveTells. This blog is always so much fun to visit.
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October 28, 2013

Book Review: Return of the Assassin (All the King’s Men #4) by Donya Lynne

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

The characters in this series are always standouts. Each one is unique and not at all cookie-cutter. While there are some, like Micah, who play a fairly prominent role in every book (I think of him as the AKM shepherd), it’s unusual for me to like and identify with EVERY featured couple across a book series.  The first time Malek and Gina are reunited in RotA is a powerful scene and exquisitely written. You can practically feel his aggression and possessive instincts vibrating off the pages, and the shock and bewilderment of their unwitting audience is priceless. The writing is so [...]

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April 1, 2013

Book Tour & Giveaway (US/Int): DVK gets up close and very personal with AKM’s Micah & Trace – a GT Signature Interview!

If you're a fan of Donya Lynne's All the King's Men series, you know the relationship between Micah and Trace is an intense one. Best friends, brothers-in-arms, Master and slave, these two vampire males are just getting started on their journey together and I was nosy (and brave) enough to grill the pair of 'em for the juice deets. After a little Facebook flirting and cajoling (which was not a hardship - Micah is a hottie!), I talked myself into a personal interview the the boys and OH what fun it was! For those of you following the series with anticipation for what might be brewing between Sam (Micah's mate) and these two lethal warriors, you must read this interview! You'll find [...]
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