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August 24, 2012

Review: Magic of the Loch by Karen Michelle Nut

With a medical condition threatening her life, Michaela decides Scotland will be her final vacation. There she meets Alan, the Loch Ness Monster, and he believes she’s his soul mate. But besides her medical condition, there’s another threat looming, and they must survive this villain, or they won’t need to worry about the health issues Michaela faces and the curse Alan bears. A GraveTells recommended read!
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August 21, 2012

Review: Special Offers (The Coursodon Dimension Series #1) by M.L. Ryan

In an attempt to save her poor bookshelves from buckling under the weight of her growing book collection, Hailey Parrish caves and buys herself a brand new eBook reader. But Hailey's new Kindle comes pre-loaded with something she didn’t bargain for—the essence of Sebastian Kess, a sarcastic lothario who has trapped himself inside its electronic pages. With the help of Sebastian’s protégé, Alex Sutherland, Hailey might just find her boring life packed with adventure, and maybe a little of the romance she’s been missing out on since her divorce. But while the characters are witty and memorable, Special Offers left me thinking, ‘Eh, whatever’.
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August 19, 2012

ARC Review: Blaze (Phoenix Rising #2) by Joan Swan

What do you do when your job forces you back together with your ex, the love of your life you've been avoiding like the plague and for whom you've been pining these last 3 years? For Kiera O'Shay and Luke Ransom, the answer is simple: soldier on, work together to get to the bottom of the mystery of the warehouse explosion that changed their lives and "gifted" them with special powers, and try not to fall back in love with the only person in the world who has ever been able to truly hurt you. Along the way, they'll need their old team, each with his own special abilities and strengths, a healthy dose of luck, and highly-connected friends. If you only read 5 books this year, Blaze [...]
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August 18, 2012

Review: Demon Retribution (Shadow Quest #3) by Kiersten Fay

When Kyra was a young girl, her home planet was suddenly and brutally attacked by the Kayadon. She was sent to Earth alone for her own protection, and now, 400 years later, Kyra still remains there and hasn’t heard from her family since. Cale is a demon who has been sent to Earth ahead of his ship to find the third Faieara princess so he can reunite her with her family. He must also keep her safe from those who wish to capture her, and as Kyra and Cale try to survive, a passion ignites between them that neither ever expected. Demon Retribution is a GraveTells must-read!
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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