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July 17, 2013

Character Q&A & Giveaway (US/Int): Meet Vivian Wood’s Louisiana Shifters alpha pair and win the chance to name a character!

Please help me welcome Maddie and Jasper from Shifter In Ascent! Looking back at the last year or so, what would you say your story is about? Jasper: My story is about walking the line between my family and my pack. When Maddie came back into my life after years of absence, I was struggling to figure out a way not to repeat my father’s mistakes. I guess I wanted to be a good Alpha to my pack and still make my life my own.
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August 14, 2012

Review: Shifter in Ascent (Louisiana Shifters #1) by Vivian Wood

When Tessa Anderson is kidnapped by a group of people who call themselves the Legion, she has no clue she’s about to be thrust into the world of Shifters. The Legion insists that werewolves exist, and they want Tessa to spy on a local pack for them. They’re willing to do anything, even threaten the people Tessa cares about, to ensure her cooperation. However, Tessa never expected the passion she finds with Shifter Jace Copeland, and as she spends more time with him, she’s left feeling torn over the decision she must make. How can she betray the man who’s come to mean so much to her? Shifter in Ascent is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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