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September 20, 2012

Review: Shadowed Soul (a 1Night Stand short) by Stacey Kennedy

Brokenhearted, Ellie signs up with a one-night stand dating service to help her get back in the dating groove. When her date turns out to be a hunk named Bryce, the night is off to a good start. What attracts Bryce to Ellie, more than her good looks, is the fact that she is in pain; he's drawn to help women who need healing. How will Ellie react to his attempts to help her when all she expects is a good time? Shadowed Soul is worth a look.
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September 19, 2012

Review: Nightfall (Vampire Romance #2) by Norah Wilson

When vampire hunter Aiden Afflack recruits photographer Sam Shae in his quest to capture and kill rogue killers, he didn't mean to put her life in danger. Sam Shae's visions are becoming more frequent and definitely more disturbing. And when a man who claims to be a vampire convinces her to use them in order to save lives, she ends up in way over her head. Nightfall is worth a look.
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September 11, 2012

Review: Rogue’s Pawn (Covenant of Thorns #1) by Jeffe Kennedy

Haunted by a recurring nightmare of a black dog and in a 'heart-numbing' relationship, the heroine of Rogue's Pawn accidently incites a spell and falls into a different world. Now caught in a whirlwind of magic and strange people, can she learn to find the power within her that makes her the pawn of a handsome Fae, Rogue, and survive long enough to get back home? Rogue's Pawn is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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August 15, 2012

Review: The Devil’s Angel by Danica Winters

Sarah works for a lingerie company, so of course for the Halloween costume party thrown by her boss Mike, all of the employees have to wear Halloween themed lingerie. The story starts off with her tugging at her corset, straightening up her halo and running into the Devil standing right outside her boss' house. The tall handsome masked Devil will not reveal his identity, but soon Sarah doesn't care who he is as he takes her to thrilling places she'd never been. GraveTells calls this a recommended read!
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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