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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]henever someone asks you to write an autobiography of yourself, you have to ask some pertinent questions like: Should I tell about the time I stole Now-n-Laters from the store? Or: Does anyone really care what I like to do, how many pets I currently have, all the hobbies I’ve started and abandoned, how often I find myself in awkward social situations because I laugh at incredibly inappropriate subjects or find myself to be the victim of my own built in Freak Beam?

Once you’ve answered those questions, the panic sets in: What if people think I’m unbearably pretentious/boring/obnoxious/a jerk/unintelligent/insert your adjective here.

[floatquote]Once you’ve worked thorough those questions, the overwhelming urge to procrastinate sets in.[/floatquote]Once you’ve worked thorough those questions, the overwhelming urge to procrastinate sets in. I find myself thinking about pulling out a knitting project I started some months or even years ago and never finished because once I realized I could do it with a modicum of skill, it just lost its interest. Or perhaps cleaning the basement, reading a new PNR or UF that have landed on the bookshelf or even beginning to read textbooks for the coming semester. Anything to avoid the dreaded autobiography.

Even the things I’m writing right now are a form of procrastination. I’m deathly afraid of the autobiography. Deathly. Afraid. What does a person like me really have to say about myself? I feel like its bragging or droning and I would hate to be either of those things. I prefer light, funny, mildly to wildly inappropriate, and at times deeply perceptive.

[p-intro]So, what to say that won’t make me feel like I never should have said it later or that I should have included so and so? Here goes:[/p-intro]

I’m a girl that loves horror/sci-fi/fantasy above all else. I’ll watch gross out humor with my husband on occasion but I’m happiest with a B science fiction movie or something with lots of tension and atmosphere that makes me scared of the dark for a few days.  I learned to fish on our nearby great lake and in the ponds that were all around our house growing up chasing an older brother and yelling at a younger one to go home. I can still catch a frog, turtle, snake, or salamander with the best of them. Biology has always fascinated me.[floatquote]I can still catch a frog, turtle, snake, or salamander with the best of them.[/floatquote]

I’m currently studying to get my first bachelor’s degree at our local state university, have two kids, and an awesome husband who has encouraged me to try just about everything from stock car racing to horseback riding to Kenpo karate. I love physical sports and competition. That does not mean that I’m uber buff, in fact I’m currently engaged in a treadmill torture battle with my thighs.

My first experience with any kind of fantasy book was probably a Steven King I had filched from my dad’s bookshelf. I like to read almost any genre if the story is well written and engaging, but my favorites are PNR/UF.

[floatquote]I love to write about strong women and sexy men.[/floatquote]I love to write about strong women and sexy men, and am currently working on finishing a PNR book. I think I will actually finish this time because the lovely founder of this site, DaVinciKittie, will kick my butt if I don’t. I constantly people watch and ask myself questions like: “Where is he/she going? Where’d they get that book bag/purse/shoes? I wonder if they’ve ever had sushi. Did they like it if they did?”

Sometimes I get an answering voice. This often leads to the beginning of a story that I never finish. Something about seeing it through to the end, and then having to actually share it with someone (What’s the use of a story if you don’t share it?) scares me to death. Not because I’m afraid they won’t like it. I’m afraid that they will. Then they might want more. And another round of procrastination sets in.

[floatquote]I’m what psychologists like to call a “creative eccentric”… I say I’m just kinda weird and silly.[/floatquote]I wrote my first scary story at age 8. It was called “The Scariest Forest Ever” for book fair week at school. I think it worried my teacher. I made all the illustrations and very proudly sewed the thing together so it was a “real” book. I still have it in a box in the dormer. I think it’s the only one I’ve ever actually written “The End” on. A girlfriend of mine told me that I’m what psychologists like to call a “creative eccentric”. She says it means that I’m smart and see the world in a different way than most people. I say I’m just kinda weird and silly (hence my screen name).

So, I hope this wasn’t a complete waste of your time and attention. I hope you stick around and play on the forum and hang out with the other “creative eccentrics” around here. I can’t be the only one.

Can I?



[dropcap]C[/dropcap]apt. DP (now, now, no sexual double entendres allowed around here! *smirk*) is a very busy girl, who loves to read PNR/UF, high fantasy, horror, graphic novels, and the occasional bodice ripper. She also loves bad Sci-Fi movies and the Chiller channel. Because she is one of those scatter brained artistic types, you can often find her staring into the distance daydreaming up scenarios for her own stories.

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