[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ella may be Edward’s own personal brand of heroine, but (yes, Ke$ha) their love is my drug. I’ve been a bookworm for as long as I can remember, but it was the Twilight books (and movies) that got me started on the paranormals. You could say Twilight was my “gateway drug”. *grin* So now, instead of reading things like The Wheel of Time and the New Jedi Order, I read things like Dead as a Doornail and Halfway to the Grave. I read nearly all my books lately on my iphone, so I made a list. In a little over a year, I read NINETY (9-0) paranormal romance books! I figure somewhere in there maybe I have some knowledge that can help someone else decide what books would appeal to them most. Soooo…. VOILA! Gravetells.
I summed all that up much better in my introductory post, so to keep from plagiarizing myself… to read it, go here!

[floatquote]I am the gamer girl, the teacher’s pet, a card-carrying geek. [/floatquote]I am the gamer girl, the teacher’s pet, a card-carrying geek. By degree, I am a Civil/Structural Engineer (Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’00 WHOOP!) but by profession I am a software tester/makeup artist/jeweler (scratching your head yet?  read on…! lol).

I have not enough time and too many things I want to fill it with.   I have more interests than is healthy, and enough hobbies to keep a small village busy.  When all of my friends were sitting down to watch SNL, I was watching ST:TNG with my family.  Now, when all my friends are spending time with their kids at night, I’m logging time in WoW, levelling my army of crafter alts via Arch in pursuit of one of those elusive lvl 85 BoA epics (if you understood all that last part, /tiphat to you!).

[three-forths]As for reading, I’ve always been into Romance, but I can devour a Fantasy or SciFi book just as fast and I do miss reading them sometimes.  If you ever find yourself debating the fine line between the two, you and I could probably have a lengthy, animated chat (I promise, I don’t bite/scratch too hard, despite the red hair!).  *smile*

So if I have so little time, why am I doing this?  Why upkeep a blog (and now a new PNR fan community) along with the gazillion other things I’m supposed to be doing?  I just feel compelled.  =)  I love interacting with fellow PNR fans and gabbing about our favorites.  When I’m reading and something grabs me, I just start writing it down.  If I *don’t* write it down, it nags at me until I can’t concentrate on what I’m reading!  Once I’ve written it down, it seems a shame for it to go to waste, so to GraveTells it goes, in gloriously excessively-worded reviews and news posts.  Lucky you.[floatquote]so to GraveTells it goes, in gloriously excessively-worded reviews and news posts.  Lucky you.[/floatquote]I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but alas, my strengths lie more in brainstorming, editing, and reviewing. On the bright side, it’s led me to creating two successful MMO communities and now expanding GraveTells into a full PNR fan experience. <3[/three-forths]

[one-forthlast][box]Speaking of WoW, World of Warcraft to the uninitiated (or the “blessedly unaware”), I met my husband there in the original beta waaaaay back when, and we run a fairly large, genial, casual-hardcore Horde guild on the Spirestone server.  If you’re in the neighborhood, look us up and say hi![/box][/one-forthlast]
So that’s my story.  I hope you’ll stick around to read some of the real stories and come to love them as much as I have.


[dropcap]DVK [/dropcap]is the creator, owner, and administrator of GraveTells, our most active blogger and Executive Editor. She enjoys Fantasy, SciFi, and comedy when not devouring Paranormal Romance. She also manages the GraveTells community forum and is the creative force behind the upcoming (as-yet untitled!) new interactive PNR fan goodie.
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